Solve important problems

MURAL enables innovative teams to think and collaborate visually to solve important problems.


Utilize a digital-first approach to increase productivity and engagement with a remote team through synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

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Quarterly Kanban and Retrospective
Quarterly Kanban and Retrospective template


Provide a platform that allows for a creative space and thinking during the design process, while scaling processes and best practices across teams.

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Design Sprint
Design Sprint template


Visually enable agile methods of collaboration and project management in a streamlined co-creation space for clear prioritization and programming.

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Collaborative Prototyping
Collaborative Prototyping template


Deliver methodologies that are core to innovation and transformation while scaling education, best practices, and creative processes across business units.

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Thoughtful Execution Tree
Thoughtful Execution Tree template


Increase the speed, sophistication, and credibility of client collaboration with a digital-first mentality and versatile collaboration platform.

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Lightning Decision Jam
Lightning Decision Jam template

Sales & Partnerships

Coordinate action plans to build trust and accountability with a clear understanding of the customer and stakeholder landscape.

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Customer Discovery Canvas
Customer Discovery Canvas template

Brainstorming & Ideation

Bring the creativity of whiteboarding sessions to life.

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MURAL resolves issues with collaboration, exploration, engagement, contribution, and consensus. We really want to engage people to participate, create ideas, attack them, test them, synthesize new ones.


Strategy & Planning

Articulate a strategy and align on a plan.

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MURAL is the best tool my team has used so far to do remote retrospectives and planning. Being able to see things live, without going through a single scribe is just really nice. We use it for project planning, ideating, sprint reviews and retrospectives, and as a sketchpad.

Principal Software Engineer

Meetings & Workshops

Articulate a strategy and align on a plan.

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MURAL is the program that converts my ideas into reality. It's very user friendly, works with fast speed, and has the simplest interface for understanding. I am now at ease to create meetings and deliver exactly what we think.

Senior Account Executive

Research & Design

Organize data and conduct synthesis.

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I did user research, design validations, ideation sessions, virtual trainings and more. MURAL is great for both, very easy tasks to quickly visualize things, as well as for more complex techniques like user story map with the whole product team.

UX Design Expert

Remote Collaboration

Improve productivity while working remotely with a team.

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..I like to be able to walk up to a whiteboard and sketch out ideas as I discuss them with my colleagues. With everyone being remote these days, this is something I sorely miss. The whole idea of how MURAL is just a huge whiteboard bridges that gap - and the way MURAL does it so intuitively and simple...

Enterprise Agile Coach

Client Engagements

Interact remotely to align and manage expectations.

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I love that I was able to take in-person design thinking, customer experience workshops into an online environment. The anticipation, level of creativity, and engagement are always high-impact. Clients who are new to MURAL are curious, then hooked! The benefit to online collaboration is the mural can be accessed 24-7.

Customer Experience Coach

Apply methods that produce results

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is based on human-centered design principles and encourages teams to focus on putting people at the center of product, service, or process design.

Design Thinking template


Agile methodologies help enterprises elevate the pace of their work and produce high quality offerings by optimizing for value throughout the development process.

Agile Roadmap template


Lean methodologies are implemented as an optimization strategy to relentlessly and continuously pursue the elimination of waste.

Lean Canvas template