Trust & security

Mural maintains rigorous security, reliability, compliance, and privacy measures, combined with advanced security and administrative controls.

Trusted by the world's most security conscious enterprises

Mural is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 100 and customers in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, government, and healthcare.

Security program

Designed to meet the most stringent of IT and regulatory requirements.


Our dedicated Security Team implements and maintains appropriate controls to protect customer data at every layer.


We adhere to global, regional, and industry regulations to help you meet your compliance obligations.


We invest in our infrastructure to enable deployments of Mural to be scaled to thousands of members.


We are committed to honoring the privacy rights of collaborators, and supporting your organization in meeting its data privacy needs.

Enterprise-grade features

Offering greater visibility, security, and control.

Identity & access management

Ensure that only the right people and approved devices can access your company’s information
in Mural.
  • SSO (SAML 2.0)
  • SCIM provisioning
  • 2FA for members and guests

Data protection 

Protect confidential information with increased visibility and control over how collaborators use Mural.
  • File type restrictions
  • Data residency
  • BYOK encryption*

Information governance 

Maintain compliance with governance and risk-management capabilities that can meet your organization’s needs today, and evolve with you over time.
  • Audit logs
  • eDiscovery
  • Reports

Collaboration controls & insights

Control how members collaborate with guests and visitors and gather actionable intelligence to improve collaboration.
  • Custom guest deactivation periods
  • Password-protected links (visitors)
  • Visitor link expiration
*BYOK encryption is covered by the platform fee for Enterprise plan customers under the evolved Member pricing model.

Certifications & attestations

We maintain active SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and Microsoft 365 certifications and comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Mural’s diverse functionality isn’t the only reason we’ve included it in our collaboration stack. Mural features robust security protocols that make it an ideal choice for distributed teams.
Sofia Quintero — CEO EnjoyHQ
Sofia Quintero
Founder & CEO, Enjoy HQ
(Acquired by UserZoom)
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