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Get started quickly with pre-built templates. 100+ templates to jump-start your next collaboration session.

A metaphor is a figure of speech that expresses one thing in terms of another. “Life is a roller coaster” or “time is money” are examples.

In a meeting rut? Choose from these 10 templates to run engaging, thoughtful meetings and get new meeting topic ideas.

Learn how to use the brainwriting technique to brainstorm better ideas with your teams and boost problem-solving. Get started with this brainwriting guide.

Whether you're in-person, hybrid, or remote, Mural can help improve your meetings and planning. Here are 6 useful collaboration templates available now in Mural.

A flowchart diagram uses symbols to visualize a process or workflow. Learn when, why, and how to use them, and get 5 flowchart templates to get you started.

Make collaboration easy, fun, and productive with these 10 Mural templates.

Learn how to use empathy maps to visualize user thoughts, feelings, actions, and observations. Get actionable tips on how to run an empathy mapping exercise.

Follow these steps to foster teamwork and innovation, whether your team is distributed, hybrid, or even back in the office.

Learn how to run effective Agile meetings and improve team collaboration with this guide. Discover how to get the most out of these four common Agile ceremonies.

In this webinar series MURAL experts led you through how to use templates in order to address common meeting setbacks.

Learn how to conduct an effective sprint review ceremony to collect stakeholder feedback on sprint outcomes and improve upcoming sprints.

These templates will help you and your team reflect, celebrate, and anticipate the year ahead.

Build your own (virtual) snowman, decorate gingerbread houses, or create the ugliest possible holiday sweater with your team to break the ice this season

Use these templates to bring together customer obsession with design thinking principles.

Use this guide to stakeholder mapping to increase project alignment, break down silos, and improve the flow of communication.

Get started with templates of all the popular methods from the LUMA system. Use pre-built recipes, or combine method templates to create your own. Embrace human-centered design thinking with Mural’s LUMA system templates.

The best problem-solving processes begin with stakeholders aligned on the problem. Learn how to correctly frame problems and create outstanding solutions.

19 practical ways to drive alignment across your teams