Make work
make sense

Teamwork feels like less work with Mural, the secure, flexible, visual work platform purpose-built for collaboration.

Start a whiteboard
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Bring teams together

Connect your teams in shared spaces to spur new ideas and better conversations.

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Get the big picture

Put all the moving parts of your projects in context and say sayonara to silos.

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Make time for teams

Align distributed teams to make decisions quickly and keep the ball rolling.

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Stay safe and sound

Compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations to keep your data and employees secure.

Experience a better way to work with Mural AI + Microsoft 365 Copilot

Take your teams to new heights of collaboration, connection, and creation with Mural AI and Mural’s Microsoft 365 Copilot integration — available now.

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Tools for every team

Mural helps teams do more across the org.

“You take a UX department from being order-takers to being idea-makers — people who are bringing folks together to solve problems collaboratively — and Mural gave us a space where we could do that.”

Christine Lenneville, Vice President of User Experience

"Mural has been critical in deploying IBM Design Thinking across the whole company. We now have people in more than 50 countries collaborating daily.”

Phil Gilbert, Head of IBM Design

"We went from collaborating on whiteboards in person to working remotely, and our customers, partners, and internal teams don't always share a common set of tools. We needed a flexible, easy way to collaborate visually among all parties — and we found that with Mural."

Stephen Goetzinger, Chief Product Owner

“Moving to Mural, it went from impossible to possible — it was like an infinite increase in productivity.”

Erik Flowers, Principal Product and Service Designer

"Mural enhances our ability to create a safe space for people to collaborate and contribute, whether they’re introverted or extroverted, in person or remote. Meetings are more engaging and inclusive, and ultimately, diverse perspectives lead to more innovative, impactful solutions.”

Bo Storozuk, Strategic Learning and Talent Management Consultant

“Traditionally, we captured [discovery] information in one-sided phone interviews, which are beneficial to us (but less so for the customer). We now use Mural to facilitate these discussions. This allows for discovery conversations to be more visual and more interactive; it brings the customer into the discussion.”

Andrew Marti, Former pre-sales lead

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