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A brainstorm method tailored for async collaboration

Lead productive and engaging brainstorms with guided methods and features from Mural that make sure everyone's best ideas come to life.

Run a successful brainstorming session with these 7 rules of successful brainstorms. Create an environment that helps your team unlock their creativity.

Take group brainstorming sessions to another level with these 5 tips.

Use these 5 steps to plan and run effective brainstorming sessions. Generate new ideas, identify next steps, and turn ideas into actionable plans.

Brainstorming helps generate new ideas, promote creative thinking, and foster team-building. Use these brainstorming techniques to land on your next idea.

Get the tips and tricks to run effective virtual brainstorming and ideation exercises.

Fact: Visual thinking is a key part of brainstorming.

Asking good questions is the first step of a successful brainstorm. Learn how to write good brainstorming questions and get inspiration from these 25 examples.

Join Jori MacNaught, senior instructor at LUMA, as she shares how to lead a round robin brainstorm that invites input and engagement from all team members equitably — while generating outside-the-box thinking.

Help your team have great brainstorms that encourage fresh thinking through simple guidelines and an open and collaborative environment.

Use this template to ideate solutions to an agreed-on problem to solve. Brainstorm 8 solutions in 8 minutes.

Push yourself to think outside the box in this exhaustive brainstorming exercise.

An engaging activity where people build on each other’s ideas

Use the 'how might we' brainstorming method within a grid to spark new thinking

A key step in effective problem solving is identifying the real problem, not just the obvious one. Use this guide to identify and solve complex, root problems.

With a little planning and the right tools, your remote session can be just as effective as an in-person meeting.

Prioritize and align a team around the same understanding of a problem.

Brainstorm big ideas, identify new patterns, and quickly organize your thoughts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new challenge - social distancing from one another to reduce the spread. That's why I invited six colleagues to do a quick brainstorming method from across locations. Here's how we generated 70+ ideas in 15 m...