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If you've found yourself scratching your head and spending an embarrassing amount of time decoding emails, this collaboration glossary will help you make a little more sense of the most commonly used terms.

Discover the secrets of digital collaboration with Mural's expert insights. Dive into strategies for effective teamwork and innovation.

How do you foster more connection, collaboration, and trust with your clients so they're empowered to do their most innovative work no matter where they're located?Join us for Reimagining Client Collaboration, a two-part webinar series featuring Chris Pacione, CEO and co-founder of LUMA and Jim Kalbach, chief evangelist at MURAL on May 24 and 26. You'll hear real-world examples of how leveraging guided methods and more intentional and inclusive facilitation practices can help you create better client relationships.

Our 2023 Collaboration Trends Report, in partnership with Microsoft, highlights the findings from a survey of 4,000 people working in remote, hybrid, and office environments.

Consider how a hybrid workplace might work

Discover how Mural's enterprise collaboration software empowers teams to collaborate effectively. Boost productivity and streamline workflows with our powerful collaboration tools.

We developed an interactive workshop that creates an innovative environment for geographically distributed teams and supports more effective design collaboration.

Teams at Emerson transitioned to running workshops and training sessions virtually, to work more efficiently and make sure everyone's voice is heard.

In March, much of the world went home. But there is important work to do. In the midst of mind-bending changes to our realities, we are all learning new skills, tools, and patterns of online work that are likely to permanently alter how we imagine...

With a $118M Series B investment, MURAL continues to transform imagination work for teams.

Teams are short on time for incremental change — the time for innovation is now. Join our webinar exploring radical collaboration’s inclusive, cooperative, responsive approach to teamwork that produces fast and scalable results.

Discover how Mural's project collaboration software enhances teamwork and streamlines project management. Collaborate visually with our powerful project management and collaboration tools.

Remote collaboration among teams is on the rise. Not just exclusively among teams of developers or designers anymore, but in organizations and companies that span the spectrum of industries.

Get tips and templates for unlocking successful creative collaboration.

Join us for a discussion with Tony Morgan, Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice, and Lena Jaspersen, Academic Fellow in Innovation Management, at Leeds University Business School. They will cover: — How they use Mural to facilitate visual collaboration for design thinking and other activities in their online and classroom-based teaching — Insights from their new book “Design Thinking for Student Projects” based on their personal teaching experiences

Ole Qvist-Sørensen and Sophie Lind Mesterton joined MURAL consultant Jeff Eyet to share tips and tricks on using visualization in online classroom settings.

Remote work is becoming increasingly mainstream. Whether you're remote all the time, have flexible in-office policies, or collaborate with teammates who work remotely, chances are high that this trend affects you.

In this article, we’ll address the challenges of remote teams and how to overcome them to achieve successful remote work collaboration.

Find the perfect workplace collaboration software with this comprehensive guide. From real-time communication to security features, we’ve got you covered.