Support creativity, encourage collaboration

Energize team collaboration

Microsoft Surface Hub takes MURAL's visual collaboration to another level. The approachable, sketch-friendly, eye-opening touchscreen of Surface Hub transforms ordinary places into modern collaboration spaces.

See the big picture

Zoom out to see your whole project, then zoom in to collaborate on the details. Focus the group discussion right were you need to.

Team transparency

See what others are doing in Mural, live. Compliment with Skype for Business to connect with participants and co-create your vision.

Natural sketching

Fast, precise inking lets anyone sketch, write, and erase with the gestures that come naturally.

Build effortlessly

Quickly sort notes, change their color, and arrange as needed using touch gestures.

Level up the digital workspace

When work sessions involve both colocated and remote participants, the colocated groups gravitate towards local whiteboards where the remote members can't participate. Surface Hub puts everyone on the same cloud canvas, enabling active participation regardless of geographic location.

Mural for Surface Hub has been designed to be a shared resource between different teams, eliminating the need for a personal login for each unique Hub session. Individual murals are sent directly onto the Hub from any personal device.

AICPA SOC2 Compliance badge

Mural's SOC2 Type I and Type II certified infrastructure and processes provide enterprise class security and availability.

Impact in the enterprise

The biggest outcome Mural contributes is enabling you to deploy the best customer experiences to differentiate and grow your company. When combined with Surface Hub, the benefits are amplified by accelerating innovation and boosting impact.

Increase innovation

Deploy design thinking throughout the company to enable growth via accelerated enterprise transformations.

Reduce costs

Save time, energy and money spent dealing with logistical issues and organizing and executing travel plans.

Streamline teams

Global teams align to create the best customer experiences using design thinking, lean and agile methodologies.

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We want our customers to have access to the most innovative solutions, so we are pleased that Mural has joined the roster of native apps for Microsoft Surface Hub and Surface.

Business Group Leader, Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft

Suggested setup

Each office location should be equipped with a Microsoft Surface Hub to facilitate in-room, group collaboration and act as the focal point when facilitating to remote participants.

Colocated participants have the option to also connect with their personal devices and remote participants can join the mural and stay involved regardless of their location.

Minimal setup

Ad hoc meetings in temporary locations can be achieved using Microsoft Surface Pro devices and an in-room projector or 4K display.

Colocated and remote participants are all able to contribute, share ideas, participate in voting sessions, and follow the team's progress in real-time.