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Focus on the context and purpose of your workshop to maximize effectiveness.

Capture key decisions during a workshop, conference, or conversation — and keep everyone aligned on desired outcomes after the event.

The template will result in the co-creation of a team playbook for workshops and meetings.

Map the expectations your team has for each of its members to gain clarity around who is responsible for different aspects of a project.

Choose your building blocks to create your own structure.

Conduct “offsite” workshops to help executives prioritize without losing the collaborative magic that comes from face-to-face workshops!

Are you aligned around your strategy? Experience the value of getting your team on the same page.

Customize your workshop with a captivating mural

Plan your activities for the Quarter and how to measure success

Plan and facilitate design thinking workshops

Explore and collect your favorite facilitation elements.

This toolkit provides all the basic exercises that are necessary to run a user-centered workshop or an ideation session.

Define important aspects of a new business venture.

Running a remote workshop presents unique challenges—that's why Microsoft's Travis Lowdermilk wrote a 3-part series about how he overcame these challenges at Microsoft.

You’ve experienced this before: a creative team comes together for a workshop. Maybe it’s new project or you need to brainstorm new product together. Everyone is stoked, and there’s magic in the air.

Since the launch of the Google Ventures book, Sprint, companies around the world have been relying on design sprints to create new products and services.

Facilitators at the large financial institution explain how they reimagined onboarding in a way that respected inclusion, accessibility, and the remote nature of their hybrid workforce.

A Design Studio helps us visually articulate how our product features and ideas will look and behave.

Design workshops help companies frame challenging problems and find optimal solutions - but what happens when you're on a globally distributed team?