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Make work make sense with Mural’s visual work platform and innovative problem-solving techniques, designed with enterprise teams in mind.

The tools to transform your teams

Mural is more than just a whiteboard. It’s a better way to work. We combine an intuitive, dynamic visual work platform with best-in-class security and smart teamwork practices to help enterprise teams increase productivity, feel more fulfilled, and get to the good stuff, faster.

Work better, together with the Mural System

Backed by decades of research, the Mural System helps teams understand how they can work better together through five key skills essential to great teamwork.

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Make teamwork feel like less work

Mural’s easy-to-use features and templates are designed to make every team interaction more purposeful and engaging.

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Cultivate the great ideas that lead to innovation with our extensive library of templates and flesh out plans in an instant with tools like tables, mind maps, and diagrams.


Give everyone the chance to make their voices heard. Gauge the group’s opinion with voting and ideate without pressure in private mode.


Host meetings that people want to attend. Facilitation tools like timers and summoning help keep meetings on time and on task.

Magic? No, it’s Mural AI

Intelligence at your service. Mural AI helps structure working sessions, inspire new ideas, and eliminate busy work so you and your team can spend more time doing what you love.

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Automatically cluster sticky notes by topic — and rearrange by new criteria in an instant.

Mind maps

Explore ideas and discover new directions on-the-fly with generative mind maps.


Understand the emotional sentiment of sticky note text to see the bigger picture of what's working well and what can be improved.


Automatically create concise summaries to synthesize ideas and understand the key takeaways.

The best in enterprise-grade security and compliance

Mural is built to adhere to the strictest enterprise security and compliance standards, so you can work without worry, knowing your data is safe.

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Our dedicated Security Team implements and maintains appropriate controls to protect customer data at every layer.


We adhere to global, regional, and industry regulations so you can meet your compliance obligations.


We adhere to industry best practices so you can scale effortlessly and securely to thousands of members.


We are committed to honoring the privacy rights of collaborators, and supporting your organization in meeting its data privacy needs.

Microsoft-ready, out of the box

Mural works hand-in-hand with Microsoft products across the ecosystem to make visual work a seamless part of every workflow, including the Mural App for Teams and advanced AI features with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

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Integrates with the tools you use

Mural integrates with a wide variety of popular apps to fit your flow, however your team works.

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From ideas to execution and everything in between

More than just a whiteboard, Mural can be used to make every workflow more organized, engaging, and productive.

Unlock the power of “aha!”

Use facilitation features like custom toolbars and private mode to help focus your team for more productive brainstorming and ideation sessions. Feeling stuck? Use AI mind maps to generate new ideas quickly and see where they could lead.

Keep your team on track

Define your North Star, prioritize goals, build complex strategies, and run more productive status meetings so your team knows where it’s headed and how to get there. Use diagramming tools to sketch up plans quickly or publish your own templates to get recurring meetings up and running in a flash.

Make every presentation a conversation

Create dynamic, interactive presentations that make clients and customers lean in instead of tuning out. Use outlines to guide users through your story. With Mural’s Microsoft Teams and Zoom plugins, you can work together without opening another window, making presentations a two-way street.

Learn and adapt to move ahead smarter

Run engaging retrospectives that encourage participation so you can figure out what went wrong, what went right, and how to move forward with confidence. Our large library of Agile templates help teams align and prioritize, with easy-to-follow instructions to make facilitation a breeze. 

Go, teams!

Most digital whiteboard solutions are designed and optimized for creative teams. With our proven combination of platform + practices, Mural is designed for teams across the enterprise.


Share ideas efficiently and solve problems quickly with templates that help engineering teams align. Use features like private mode so everyone can be heard — not just the loudest voices in the room.


Energize design sprints to innovate, solve problems, and get more done, quickly. Easily run design reviews, retrospectives, brainstorming sessions, and more with our facilitation tools and AI features built to make teamwork feel like less work.


Use proven agile techniques to facilitate communication between product teams,  customers, and the rest of the organization. Run retrospectives to evaluate what went right, what went wrong, and what can improve.


Implement service design at scale. Use Mural to map steps, get alignment, diagnose problems and find solutions quickly so your teams can innovate in the right direction.


Build workshops that really work and get to the root of problems and needs so you can come up with smart strategies to help move organizations forward.

Sales & Partnerships

Tired of feeling like everyone else is on mute? Create dynamic, engaging presentations that make clients and customers feel like they’re being talked to, not talked at.

Made for the enterprise

There’s a reason why Mural is trusted by enterprise teams all over the world. We’re built to meet the most stringent of IT and regulatory requirements and designed to scale without missing a beat.

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GDPR and CCPA compliant
Centralized control
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