Improve your workflow by connecting the apps you love


Get images or documents into your mural fast. Import files directly from Dropbox without ever leaving your mural.

Microsoft Teams

Stay up to date with any change that takes place in your murals. This integration will allow you to work on murals directly from Microsoft Teams.


Bridge the gap between Design Thinking and Agile. Send any set of user stories or tasks from a mural into a Jira task board.


Turn user stories into GitHub issues. Meet your developers where they are. Easily create and send issues directly from MURAL to GitHub without wasting any time transcribing user stories into GitHub issues.


Stay up to date on important changes. Integrate your MURAL account with Slack to receive notifications about specific activity taking place inside your murals.

Google Calendar

Add any mural to your calendar events. Save yourself the hassle of pasting links into google calendar invites, this integration does the work for you.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project has over a million curated icons. Use them to communicate abstract presentation concepts and tell visual stories. Every single icon is now available in MURAL.


Convert spreadsheets cells into sticky notes. Paste content from (and to) Google sheets or Excel files.


Got ideas in a Word or Google document? Bring them right into MURAL. Each bullet will be converted to a sticky note.


Directly import OneDrive files without leaving your mural. See a thumbnail preview of the contents.

Google Drive

Import Google Drive files and view a preview of them in a mural.


Discover insights by mapping records in a mural via Zapier.


Connect MURAL to projects and tasks in Asana via Zapier.

Azure DevOps

Visualize your work items in a mural for easier collaboration via Zapier.

Google Forms

Collect your survey findings in MURAL via Zapier.

Google Sheets

Import data from your spreadsheet to uncover new solutions via Zapier.


Import conversational insights from Slack into a mural via Zapier.


Convert your mural ideas into action items in Trello via Zapier.


Organize feedback in MURAL to identify impactful takeaways via Zapier.


Automate workflows by connecting your most used apps via Zapier.


Add a new dimension of engagement and productivity to Zoom meetings with visual collaboration.

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