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We’re on a mission to unlock the hidden potential of every team by improving how people work together. When teams have the skills and expertise to work together well, organizations thrive.

Mural employees holding signs with slogans questioning the current status quo of work.

Great teamwork
is no accident

Great teams are the key to a successful organization. But right now, teamwork is broken, fractured by an endless cascade of new apps, unproductive meetings, siloed information, and misaligned priorities. For years, we’ve heard promises of the wonderful things to come in “the future of work,” while ignoring the very real problems that need to be fixed in the present.

Mural at Forrester Innovation
and Technology

We need solutions based on the reality of how things are and not the fantasy of how things could be. Solutions to fix broken teamwork and help individuals, teams, and organizations prosper today and thrive tomorrow.

This is what Mural does. We give you the tools and strategies you need to unlock the hidden potential of every team. We help teams work better together from anywhere with an intuitive visual workspace and smart teamwork practices that help workers and leaders connect, align, brainstorm, strategize, and get to the good stuff, faster.

A great team is a reason to come in (or log in) on Monday, to keep striving to achieve more, to discover those big and small “aha” moments that keep work exciting and spur innovation. Mural doesn’t just make great teamwork possible; we make it happen. We're more than just another tool. We're a better way to work.

Meet the Mural
leadership team

David Baga — CEO

David Baga

Felix Beccar — CFO

Felix Beccar

Chief Financial Officer
Paul Bussi — Mural CRO

Paul Bussi

Chief Revenue Officer
Rebecca Campbell — SVP Engineering

Rebecca Campbell

SVP, Engineering
Samantha Goldman — CMO

Samantha Goldman

Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Heying — SVP Product

Matt Heying

SVP, Product
Libby Juelsgaard — CPO

Libby Juelsgaard

Chief People Officer
Brinn Sanders — SVP Strategy & Operations

Brinn Sanders

SVP, Strategy & Operations

Our values

Triumph through teamwork

We model teamwork that leverages our collective strengths while respecting and appreciating everyone's individuality.

Adapt to thrive

We strive to be resourceful, resilient, and take ownership of problems when we see them so we’re ready for what comes next.

Commit to caring

We're kind, compassionate, fun-loving, hardworking people who care deeply about what we do and are committed to making work make sense for everyone.

Our people

“Working at Mural is truly exceptional. Here, each team member feels deeply connected to our mission, and we’re thrilled with the opportunity to play a significant role in transforming how teams collaborate visually and creatively. The shared energy and passion infuse each day with both excitement and purpose.”

Sophia Reyes Portrait

Sophia Reyes

Lead Solutions Consultant

“People have been collaborating together visually for a long time — at least since cave paintings 60,000 years ago. And yet, truly great collaboration remains rare and special. I love being able to contribute to Mural's mission, building a product that helps millions of people work better together.”

Ryan Nee from Mural

Ryan Nee

Director of Product Design,
Engagement Group

“I feel very grateful that Mural stays true to the notion that great work and meaningful collaboration can be done anywhere, any time. I’m continuously inspired by my teammates and feel a deep connection to them thanks to the creative way we work, even though (or maybe because!) we’re a fully remote company.”

Allison Taslim from Mural

Allison Taslim

Creative Operations Program Manager

Trusted by 95% of the Fortune 100

We’re proud to be the #1 visual work solution for the enterprise.

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