Scaling Digital Service Blueprinting At Intuit

Erik Flowers
Principal Designer

Erik is a Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit, where he leads global teams in creating amazing customer experiences while building service design capability throughout the company.


Intuit embraces service design to continually create and renew delightful customer experiences. This requires their product and support teams to work together to map, define, diagnose and resolve their customers' pains; but with globally distributed teams, creating the alignment needed for truly holistic solutions can be challenging.

To unite the organization, Erik serves as an internal consultant, working to improve the employee experience and collaboration process between design and development. He uses MURAL to work digitally, empowering cross-functional teams to share unique knowledge and insights, no matter their geographic location.

That’s what I love about MURAL, it’s a virtual collaboration space that is easy to use, everyone “gets” it, and it doesn’t try to reinvent collaboration – it just takes it to a new medium where there was no good option before.

Erik Flowers
Principal Designer

  1. Create digital Service Blueprints and invite all team members
  2. Open a video conferencing channel to see each other’s faces
  3. Collaborate remotely to share knowledge and assemble information
  4. Continue iterating individually after group working sessions
  5. Establish shared processes for teams to adopt throughout the organization



This template, designed by and used within Intuit, is ready to be duplicated and used in your own projects so you can start taking action right away.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:


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