The future is how

Written by 
Bryan Kitch
June 11, 2024
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The future is how
Written by 
Bryan Kitch
June 11, 2024

As we’ve established, teamwork is broken. Now, let’s talk about how to fix it. 

There are lots of places to collaborate. Even now, the endless debate about returning to office versus the efficacy of remote work rages on. But ultimately, all of that is beside the point. Like ... the debate about where to work presumes that location is the most important factor in success. But we all know that just being in proximity to other people doesn't guarantee productivity. Work isn't a place — it's a way of doing things. 

So, the important question isn’t where to work, but how?

Well, we’ve got answers. 

Mural isn't just a software platform. Mural brings together a unique combination of products and services, based on a years-in-the-making proprietary system, to help teams work better together. We even have an assessment your team can take to see where you stand (but more on that later).

Together, even when you’re not

Mural helps teams develop a holistic approach to collaboration, so they can start working better together no matter where they work — in real-time or asynchronously. 

Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, relying on a single approach or digital platform to solve all your teamwork ills, Mural combines the best digital tools with proven strategies — and even hands-on training — to address your specific needs. 

Whether you’ve got experience with visual work, and may just need templates or exercises to get you started, or you’re looking to transform your organization’s approach to teamwork, Mural can adapt and scale with you, making it easier to work together regardless of where you are, or your level of expertise. 

Visual collaboration FTW

We believe the most effective teamwork is done visually. Visual work is a way of working in a shared space that everyone can see and contribute to. Visual work helps teams align quickly and uncover important connections in work that you can’t notice until you can see them.

Not only does it enhance teamwork — it also improves the work of each team member. That’s because visual work is a mental shortcut that allows you to solve problems faster by reducing cognitive load. It’s like the difference between playing chess on a chessboard and entirely in your head — when you play with a physical board and pieces, it reduces the stress on your mind, so you’ve got more processing power available to think up your next great move. 

More than software

Our visual work platform and smart teamwork practices help teams connect, align, brainstorm, strategize, and get to the good stuff — faster. And collaboration — just like shooting a three-pointer or catching a wave — is a skill that needs to be continuously practiced and developed, even if you’re already at the top of your game (just ask Steph Curry . . . about the three-pointers I mean, not sure what kind of a surfer he is; anyway, you get it). 

As we noted, if it’s templates you’re after, we’ve got you covered. But if you’re looking for more, well, that’s the Mural difference. We know, it’s never as simple as a “plug and play” solution. So in addition to our digital platform, we’ve also developed the best systems and training to improve anyone’s — or any team’s — collaboration skills. 


Building and mapping workflows are essential tasks for modern organizations — so getting them wrong is costly. And not just financially — left unchecked, it can lead to wasted time, energy, and burnout. 

Professional Services

Enter Mural Professional Services: A team steeped in visual work experience dedicated to helping your team overcome anything from troubleshooting collaboration issues to redesigning how you work together. We measurably improve collaboration and productivity by leveraging proven methods and best practices for hybrid and async work.

LUMA Services

As the way we work evolves, running working sessions can become increasingly complex. LUMA training, which the Harvard Business Review calls a “taxonomy of innovation,” teaches you and your team practical, flexible, and scalable frameworks that help you collaborate more effectively every day. 

​​​​Services for Leadership Audiences

Sometimes you need to take a top-down approach, and that’s where our Strategic Services for executive and leadership audiences come in. Purpose-built to help leaders better understand the role they play in creating conditions where teamwork can flourish, Mural’s Strategic Services can help you transform teamwork at scale.

This is how we do it: Introducing the Mural System

Like we said above, fixing teamwork is all about how you bring everyone together. And, as we’ve also established, like any skill, it takes practice to get good at it. Grounded in decades of research and real-world experience, the Mural System forms the foundation for all of our products, services, and solutions. Here’s how it works.

Mural helps teams assess their strengths in these five key areas and improve in areas where they may be lacking. (Gold star if you noticed that the first letters in each area come together to spell something familiar.) 

Our platform, solutions, and services are built to enhance teams’ abilities in these areas to improve individual fulfillment, team performance, and ultimately organizational success. 

That’s all well and good, you might be saying to yourself. But what proof is there that the Mural System works? 

Well, dear reader, we’d like to offer you some stats. For example:

  • 79% of surveyed organizations saw an increase in team engagement following the implementation of Mural
  • 64% of surveyed organizations experienced an increase in alignment and decision-making following the implementation of Mural
  • The Faculty team at Accenture has seen 200+ hours saved in workshop prep time
  • 93% of surveyed organizations who leverage agile experienced an increase in collaboration and productivity following the implementation of Mural
  • 92% of surveyed Financial Services organizations have seen more productive meetings and workshops as a result of using Mural’s integration of Microsoft Teams

The list goes on (and on), but hey, we’ve never been the kind to brag. The important part is, when you use the Mural System, you can not only transform the way that individuals and teams work together — you can revolutionize teamwork across global organizations. (Just ask IBM.)

Also, while we’re focused on our holistic solution to teamwork, that doesn’t mean we’re not constantly working to improve our technology — take advantage of our recent update that includes a two-way sync to Jira and Azure DevOps, right from any mural (with more to come soon!).

Where do you stand? Take the Mural Teamwork Assessment

Now that you’ve learned more about what Mural does, it’s time to ask yourself one question: Is my team ready to level up our teamwork? If so, then now is a good time to take stock of how your team is doing and where you could use some help. Take the Mural Teamwork Assessment to see how you’re performing and better understand how you can use our unique combination of software and services to craft a solution that directly addresses your needs.

Great teamwork doesn’t happen by accident. Since you’re reading this, you’re closer than you think to unlocking the full potential in your team. Let us show you how.


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About the authors

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