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Integrate Your Favorite Apps with MURAL Using Zapier

Written by 
Thomas Shields
September 22, 2020

Create automated workflows between MURAL and your most used apps with Zapier

We’re excited to announce an integration with Zapier that allows you to connect over 2,000 applications to MURAL.

MURAL makes visual thinking and collaboration easy, impactful, and fun. Millions of collaborators across the globe rely on MURAL for brainstorming, retrospectives, planning, organizing ideas, and much more.

Now you can seamlessly integrate visual thinking and collaboration more deeply into your workflows to save time, streamline processes, and keep your team aligned to achieve your goals.

Get more out of visual collaboration

Through the Zapier integration, you can get more out of your collaboration sessions by connecting your favorite applications to MURAL. Zapier enables you to create automated workflows, called Zaps, that securely share data between MURAL and other applications. At the most basic level, you can automatically import information into a mural so you can visualize, organize, and align around it. You can also export data from a mural into other tools.

Here are a few examples of how you can leverage the Zapier integration:

  • Team planning session: Work with your team to plan a project in MURAL. You can set up Zaps to automatically turn sticky notes into tasks in your project management platform (e.g., Asana or Trello) to easily track your progress.
  • Internal team brainstorm: Ever wish you had a better way to capture those spur-of-the-moment brainstorming sessions in Slack?. These ideas can then be imported to MURAL through a Zap to refine the ideas with the help of a MURAL template. Once you define the action items, you can export them to your project management platform (e.g., Asana or Trello). 
  • PI planning: Execute a PI Planning event and keep track of the collaborative progress, action items, and outcomes in both MURAL and your management tool (e.g., Jira or Azure DevOps).
  • User research: Send data from surveys (e.g., Google Forms or Typeform) into MURAL to be sorted, organized, and interpreted visually.

Try a Zap template or create your own

You can create your own automated workflows between MURAL and another application, or you can use a pre-built template.

Check out the most popular Zaps other MURAL members are using to streamline their workflows.

As always, reach out to with any questions or feedback, or check out the Help Center for more information.

About the author

About the authors

Thomas Shields

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ MURAL. Aspiring imagination worker. Purveyor of dad jokes. Lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat.