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Women In Product 2021 Livescribe: Ignite Possibility

Written by 
Sarah Parker
June 3, 2021

Women In Product 2021: Ignite Possibility 

Last week, MURAL joined the Women In Product 2021 conference. With “Ignite Possibility” as its theme, the virtual conference was focused on inspiration, solution-oriented insight, skill-building resources, and innovative takeaways to light your path, fuel your focus, and help you ignite possibility — this year and beyond.

MURAL expert Lisa Edwards of Get The Picture livescribed the opening keynote and panel from each day, illustrating the content on a mural as it happened. Read on for highlights from the conference and explore the murals below.

Day 1 | Seeing Possibility

Day 1 kicked off with a keynote interview of Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble, hosted by Deb Liu, CEO of Ancestry, where they discussed seeing new possibilities in existing markets and giving power to women via products. 

Following the keynote was a panel discussion on innovating in existing markets with: 

Technology is changing the way we do all kinds of things, and these changes have been accelerated during the pandemic. These leaders discussed the changes they made at their companies and what they hope to iterate on in the post-Covid world. 

See the livescribe for day 1 here.

Day 2 | Creating Possibility 

The day 2 keynote by Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, focused on the importance of diversity in the room when humanizing technology. In an industry dominated by men, Rana found her voice to transform our relationship with technology and each other when she invented Emotion AI to analyze human expressions and reactions in context.

Following the keynote was a panel discussion on women in AI with: 

AI is a popular topic across all industries, so these AI product leaders sat down to discuss how it is being applied today and how product managers should think about incorporating it in future products. 

See the livescribe for day 2 here.

Day 3 | Embracing the Possibilities 

Day 3’s keynote speaker was Lisa Gelobter, CEO and founder of tEQuitable, who discussed her unconventional product management career journey. From traditional tech, media, and U.S. Digital Service, to startup founder and CEO, Lisa shared her story of embracing  the possibilities and following her path.

Following the keynote was a panel discussion on justice by design with: 

  • Anne Diaz, Product Manager, Anti-Discrimination at AirBnb
  • Dr. Ivor Horn, Director of Health Equity and Product Inclusion at Google
  • Elise Roy, VP of Inclusive Design and Accessibility at Salesforce
  • Prashanthi Ravanavarapu, Senior Director of Product Management, Consumer Financial Services at PayPal

These leaders are taking steps to define the roles their products play in our society, and they shared how they’re using empathy, focus, and intent to innovate and deliver products that drive justice for all. 

See the livescribe for day 3 here.

How is your team igniting possibility?    

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Thank You Women In Product 

Thank you for having MURAL at the Women In Product 2021 Conference. Women In Product is a welcoming community where women in product are inspired, connected, and celebrated and their mission is to equip women to thrive in product management careers at all levels through community, professional development, and industry advocacy.

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