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Why MURAL Is(n't) Like Google Docs

Written by 
Megan Landes
April 17, 2015

When describing MURAL, the phrase “it's like Google Docs, for visual people” is tossed around pretty often. This makes sense: both MURAL and Google Docs allow you to invite collaborators and work all together on the same thing at the same time.

But you may be interested to know that MURAL also offers a few things that Google Docs doesn’t.

Being the visual software company that we are, we are big fans of showing and not telling. So here’s a visual breakdown of how MURAL is(n’t) like Google Docs.

We believe in the power of visual thinking, and we know that it isn’t always best for your brain (or your work) to fit your ideas into margins and horizontal lines.

So for all you visual people out there, MURAL is made for you to work the way you work best. Check it out for yourself, you may find more similarities (or differences) you love.

About the author

About the authors

Megan Landes

Neuroscience nerd, peanut butter aficionado. Never found without colored pencils.

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