September 25, 2020

The World is Reopening…But What About Me?: Webinar Recap

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2020 has been a uniquely stressful year. This pandemic has made incredible demands, pushing us in new, often stressful ways. As businesses move to reopen, have you taken a second to stop and think about your own opportunity for reopening?

Ward Bullard and Jeff Eyet from the MURAL for Education team recently welcomed Sari Gluckin of Wishful Thinking for The World is Reopening … But What About Me? This much-needed session was held with MURAL users to focus discussion and thoughts on well-being during the pandemic — all to help us to build resilience and adapt to an uncertain future.

As part of the session, Sari took attendees on an illustrated journey, created with Jessica Bogart Kasper and Julia Rochlin, recent graduates of IIT’s Institute of Design. The visual experience unfolded like a fairytale. Attendees shared their bright spots during the pandemic, tossed what doesn’t serve them into a roaring fire, and created personal opportunities for reopening.

You can view a highlight video of the session and explore additional resources from this unique, imaginative and inspiring event below. And if you’re interested in learning more about this session, or have your own unique use of MURAL you’d like to share, send us a note at

Highlights from the webinar 📹

Additional resources to explore 🔭

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Jeff Eyet

Jeff Eyet is a radical diverger who prototypes through stories and applies these passions as the co-founder of the Berkeley Innovation Group (big). He has led strategy work with Recology, UC Health, Mills College, and Dow Chemical and supported engagements with GE Health, GE Digital, Kaiser Permanente, Nissan, Paypal, and Abbott Labs

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