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Streamline Collaboration Workflows with MURAL’s New Jira Cloud Integration

Written by 
Thomas Shields
June 16, 2021

Focus on delivering value and eliminate extra project management work with a new Jira Cloud integration

Even when you could have everyone in the same room, it was no small task for Agile product teams to effectively plan, prioritize, and drive innovation. It became even more difficult when everyone went remote. Now, more than ever, Agile teams are expected to collaborate seamlessly regardless of where everyone is working. Teams must be more flexible while maintaining productivity. 

That’s why product managers, designers, scrum leads, Agile coaches, and engineers rely on MURAL to collaborate on product planning and strategy. Agile teams use MURAL to run more productive ceremonies, make better informed decisions, and deliver more value. From PI planning to retros and everything in between, Agile product teams build better together with MURAL.

Here’s how:

  • Visualize customer problems and dependencies to efficiently prioritize work. 
  • Give everyone a space to contribute ideas, whether they’re in the office or remote. 
  • Explore solutions together in real time or collaborate asynchronously. 
  • Easily communicate plans and create alignment across your organization. 
  • Save time preparing for ceremonies with pre-made templates for PI planning, retros, and much more.

More than ever before, it’s critical for remote and distributed teams to improve speed, resiliency, and productivity. That’s why we’re bridging the gap between MURAL and Jira Cloud with new capabilities that eliminate extra project management work so your teams are empowered to spend more time delivering value. 

Now, you can take your work from MURAL to Jira Cloud (and vice versa) in just a few clicks with our new integration.   

Let’s never go back to manually transcribing sticky notes and ensure Agile ceremonies—critical moments of collaboration—are just as productive, engaging, and inclusive, whether done remotely, in person, or a mix of the two. 

Seamlessly plan and execute your product strategy using Jira Cloud and MURAL together

Easily transform the output of product planning and strategy work in MURAL into epics, stories, and tasks in Jira without transcribing a single sticky note. It's easy to explore solutions, understand dependencies, and prioritize work visually, and then get to work even quicker. Everything from user story mapping to PI planning to retrospectives are more productive and even fun when you connect MURAL and Jira Cloud. 

Jumpstart collaboration in Agile ceremonies by importing Jira issues as sticky notes 

Kickoff sprint planning, backlog prioritization, and other collaborative sessions by importing open issues into a mural. From here, the team can easily use pre-made templates, collaboration features, and visual methods to help facilitate more effective discussion, ideation, and decision making. With a visual thinking canvas, it’s easier to align the team and communicate and document team decisions.

To import issues into a mural, simply right click on the canvas and choose “import Jira issues.” You can search and use filters, or use JQL, to find and select issues for importing. You can also take the URL of an issue and paste it onto a mural to import it.

Go from planning to building in less time by exporting sticky notes to Jira 

Now, you can make plans in MURAL and put them into action in Jira in just a few clicks. Process outputs from prioritization and planning sessions quickly and efficiently by exporting sticky notes from your mural directly into Jira. Simply right click on a sticky note (or select multiple sticky notes) and choose send to Jira. You will be prompted to enter the attributes required by your Jira instance to create an issue. When you create an issue from a sticky note, there is a link to that mural in the description of the Issue so anyone working on it can easily find the original planning resource. 

More robust planning with issue priority and status visualized on sticky notes

On each sticky note you’ve connected to Jira (either through importing or exporting an issue), you’ll see the issue priority and status tagged on the bottom. The issue ID is also there, and you can click on it to open that issue in Jira Cloud. 

Built for global enterprises

We’ve built the integration between MURAL and Jira Cloud to support the needs of the largest, most security-conscious enterprises worldwide. You can connect multiple Jira instances to multiple workspaces in MURAL and still maintain the appropriate access permissions for each individual on both platforms. 

You can find detailed instructions on how to use the integration in our support document

More enhancements coming soon 

In the coming months, we’ll add more key improvements to the integration to make workflows between MURAL and Jira Cloud even more seamless. 

Soon, you’ll be able to:

  • Visualize more attributes on sticky notes such as assignee, story points, and even custom attributes. 
  • Make edits to all types of attributes on an issue directly from MURAL. 
  • Complete a bulk sync to update changes made in MURAL with your Jira Cloud instance. (Don’t worry — this feature won’t automatically sync unwanted updates or risk bringing down larger Jira instances.) 

We’ll have a few other surprises coming as well, but you’ll have to wait to learn about those. :)

How to get started 

First, your Jira Cloud administrator will need to enable the integration in your instance through the Atlassian marketplace. You can share these instructions with your administrator. 

Once your administrator has enabled the integration, simply click on connect on the Jira Cloud tile in the integrations page in MURAL. From there, you'll be prompted to enter the URL of your Jira Cloud instance. Then, simply authenticate by signing into to Jira. Follow the instructions here

Each MURAL user will need to have a login to their Jira instance and MURAL. The integration is free to all MURAL members!

Note: if you’re using Jira Server, you can learn more about that integration here

If you’re new to MURAL, you can try it and the Jira Cloud integration for free.

About the author

About the authors

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