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Feature Update: More Sticky Notes

Written by 
Agustin Soler
August 23, 2013

One of MURAL’s main goals is to replicate how creatives use walls to think and come up with new ideas.

When you take a look at a creative team's workspace, you'll see plenty of sticky notes!

Sticky notes are great for brainstorming and idea generation. They force you to synthesize thoughts and it’s easy to move them around to find relations between concepts.

Sticky notes users work with different types of stickies to cluster information, make comments, vote and organize ideas, just to name a few of the uses.

This is why we added the following:

3x5 sticky note


This type of sticky note is ideal to cluster information and organize content around a mural. For example, if you have already added lots of ideas in standard sticky notes (the square ones), you can now use the 3x5 stickies as Titles like this:


1.5x2 stickies


If you want to add a callout or a short comment to an idea, use these smaller stickies.

Circle stickies


These stickies look really great. They can be used as titles to organize and cluster content.

Another use for these beauties is in Concept Mapping.

Add circle notes plus connectors to create amazing concept maps:


Other good stuff

More colors & formatting:  Now you can change any sticky to any color, we automatically change the font color so it can be legible, as well as bold, underline and align text.

Murals never looked better.

About the author

About the authors

Agustin Soler

Head of Product
Head of Product at MURAL. A lifelong learner, passionate about strategy, productivity and simplicity.

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