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June 2020 Product Updates

Written by 
Sean Lauer
June 30, 2020

Collaborating with your team just got a whole lot easier.

We're halfway through 2020, and it's safe to say that MURAL — much like the rest of the world — looks a lot different than it did in January. Our team has been hard at work squashing bugs, building new features, and enhancing the ones you know and love.

So, what's new this month? Let's take a look at some snazzy new features that will help your team collaborate visually and solve tough problems together.

⚡ Navigation gets a performance boost

Out of all the exciting updates this month, this is the big one. Over the past nine months, our team has been building a shiny, new rendering engine to improve performance — by a lot.

We’ve supercharged zooming and panning in a mural, and improved performance when a group is collaborating together. That pesky lag you sometimes experience will now be reduced. With performance that's up to 80% faster than before, your team will be able to collaborate seamlessly.

Performance boost is now live for all MURAL users. Nothing has changed about the way your murals look, but you'll experience the difference right away.

Want to dive into the nitty gritty of the new rendering engine? MURAL CTO Patricio Jutard breaks it down for us. Learn more >

Other new features in June 2020

🎛 Centralized admin, settings, and insights. 

Enterprise Network company admins have a bird's eye view of workspace activity and apply settings at a company level in the new Company Dashboard. Learn more >

🧩 View and preview Google Drive files. 

Integrate MURAL seamlessly into your workflow with the new Google Drive integration. Import Google Drive files and view a preview of them in a mural. Learn more >

🤓 Get your learn on in the new Learning Center. 

Now all of MURAL’s learning resources are centrally located in the Learning Center. Quickly become a MURAL master by unlocking best practices on how to manage content, navigate a mural, work seamlessly across devices, and so much more! What do you want to learn today?  Learn more >

👤 Easily assign facilitation permissions. 

Facilitators can now easily administer facilitator permissions to any member during a collaborative session. Find the new setting in the “Manage mural members” screen found by clicking on the Members icon in the top menu bar in a mural. Learn more >

🎊 Celebrate with confetti. 

Facilitators can emphasize positive moments of collaboration through a new celebration feature found in the avatar menu. Celebrate your happy moments together with confetti!  Learn more >

Celebrating in the MURAL app with confetti

Alert collaborators that time’s up. 

When the timer runs out, you’ll now hear an alert to let you and your collaborators know that it’s time to wrap up. Learn more >

✂️ Quickly crop an image in a mural.

Images in a mural can now be cropped directly from the image editing controls. Learn more >

Cropping an image in a mural

Features coming soon

📚 Create and save groups of elements in your Content Library. 

You no longer have to hunt for content in other murals. Now, all your most-used MURAL elements live in one place. Your new personal Content Library allows you to save charts, diagrams, exercises, and other assets to reuse in the future. 

Saving a group of elements in a user's content library

🔌 Make a Zap! 

Want to be more productive? With our Zapier integration, you’ll be able to automate workflows and build processes so you can focus on your most important work. With over 2,000 apps to integrate with, you will be able to streamline all of your MURAL collaboration initiatives. Join the waitlist to get early access. 

📞 Sync up with Quick Talk. 

Quick Talk instantly connects you with collaborators inside a mural via voice call. Utilize Quick Talk for those unplanned or spontaneous collaborative moments.

🐨 Know who your visitors are. 

Anonymous visitors no longer have to be… well, anonymous. Visitors will now have the option to add their names when entering a mural. Collaborators will be able to identify visitors in a mural as temporary collaborators by a new “Visiting [Animal]” alias preceded by their name, if they choose to add one. Please note that adding a name is optional and visitors control the name they choose to use. Currently available in free trials and Starter plans. Coming soon to Plus and Enterprise. 

⬇️ Export stickies to a CSV file. 

You can now export stickies with all their related information (color, shape, link, vote session, etc.) in a CSV format so they can be easily imported to other tools. Currently available to select MURAL members. Coming soon for everyone. 

👇 Touchscreen collaboration on the web. 

Touchscreen actions will soon be available via web browsers, starting with touchscreen-enabled laptops, making it easier to collaborate with your team no matter where you are. Use a stylus or your finger to draw, create, add sticky notes, use frameworks, add shapes, and more! Currently available to select MURAL members. Coming soon for everyone.

Happy collaborating!

Whew — that's a lot. And we're not done yet. We'll be rolling out even more performance improvements and new features in the near future. To stay up to date on the latest MURAL features and enhancements, subscribe to our changelog.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your MURAL representative or contact

About the author

About the authors

Sean Lauer

Head of Product Marketing
Head of Product Marketing @ MURAL. Previously @ Twitter. A true left-brain, right-brain thinker with diverse marketing experience that he uses to drive MURAL product adoption. Lives in California with his wife, two cats, and a dog.

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