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One Year of MURAL: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Written by 
Mariano Suarez-Battan
September 13, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños MURAL! It's been one year since we opened up the doors to our initial beta users.

Happy Birthday to the team behind MURAL for a lot of heart, soul, body and brainpower put into this mission.

And Bon Anniversaire to our users and customers, who also help us build this product and company.

People have expressed love towards a software product and that means a lot to us. That's is magical and as Pato stated *poetically* the other day:

“Customer love is the fuel that makes us keep on going”. in TC

Some achievements

Visual people need MURAL

An ad agency doing research remotely said that there was no other way they could do that without MURAL. A jewelry designer was able to show his ideas to his team in Venice from his studio in hip Brooklyn. We are even helping a top design consulting firm run a remote Design Thinking workshop.

We've helped a lot of companies collaborate in researching, understanding problems and designing new product, services and experiences to solve them. We are on track to fulfill our mission to empower creative teams through visual collaboration.

Global Footprint

We have 195.000 registered users from 199 countries (I didn't know that there were so many) and customers from 64 of them (yes, people are paying). There is a lot of local collaboration, but we are also seeing cross city, country, continent situations that show us that we can help shorten the distances amongst people in different locations of the world.

Pushing it hard

The team knows how to build a world class product. We are pushing tech and have done a lot with our small team. MURAL renders multiple kinds of content, displays flexibly a lot of it on a browser window and it all happens realtime and logged to see what happened while you were away.

Learning to improve

Very flexible canvas => Blank canvas paralysis

Power inDesign users, innovation specialists and design thinking folks all love the simplicity (and power) of our UI and get started right away... but that being said, mostly everyone else has been in need for more hand holding and structure to get started. We will get to the best of both worlds.

The Magical Touch cannot wait any longer

We started mobile (web) first and had to freeze that for a while to get the web version right first. The iPad (and others) is where we spend most of the time and where the smart UI, Minority Report type promise can get more real.

A new Knowledge Base

We are repackaging the web and its content in a way that hasn't been done before. Our flexible UI is very powerful to visualizing content, but we need to go further to be able to let users reuse content faster and in a more meaningful way. This includes content collected in MURAL and other storage services out there. in Fast Company

Year Two

San Francisco, Here We Come

We'll be eating our dog food big time this year: I'm moving to San Francisco to set up our Business operations. MURAL, like Github, Google Hangouts, and iDoneThat, will be key for us to stay in sync without losing speed.

Simple, Magical Touch

We'll provide more handholding towards the mastery of our product, automagical interactions to speed up tedious processes, flexible structures to build processes without losing creativity, and a touch enabled UI that will make you want to drop that Sharpie.

Expanding our Community

We're going to start spreading the word and asking you to help out. We'll be moving our community to the center of the field to enable more serendipitous collaboration.

Most importantly, we'll keep on aiming for your Love. :P


Mariano Suarez Battan


About the author

About the authors

Mariano Suarez-Battan

I run MURAL, where we are making creative teams become better design thinkers through our collaboration software. We started MURAL because of a game we were designing. Ask me about that.

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