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What's New With MURAL: Data Residency, Scroll Bars, and Improved Canvas Accessibility

Written by 
Morgan Kozol
February 8, 2022

Here is the rundown from our latest monthly release — including a new accessibility beta program and interactive workshop offerings for members:

Introducing data residency for MURAL Enterprise plan customers

Decorative graphic of a globe

MURAL data residency enables customers on the Enterprise plan to designate where data in a mural is stored at rest to help meet corporate policies and compliance requirements globally. This can be configured on a workspace-by-workspace basis.

🌐  Data residency is offered at no additional cost to Enterprise plan customers and can be set up during the creation of a new workspace with help from your Customer Success partner. Learn more here.

Call for beta partners for MURAL screen reader and keyboard features to improve canvas accessibility

We’re launching the ability to navigate and read MURAL content using screen reader assistive technology to make MURAL a more accessible and inclusive product. The latest update to functionality enables navigation between elements on MURAL’s digital canvas using keyboard shortcuts, while also enabling members to listen to their textual content (like information on sticky notes or an area title) using a screen reader.

MURAL’s product team dedicated to accessibility and inclusive feature design is looking for volunteers to provide feedback this month as part of our beta program*. If you or someone on your team is a screen reader user, go here to apply.

👉  And everyone can learn from our support article on accessibility best practices for facilitators.

Navigate easily using new scroll bars

When zoomed in on a mural, navigation scroll bars are available on the bottom and right of your browser window. They provide context to how zoomed in you are, and you can use them to easily navigate horizontally and vertically.

Learn new ways of working through interactive workshops

Screenshot of the Playmakers website.
Click through for available workshops.

This new beta program provides members with access to hands-on learning experiences facilitated by MURAL Playmakers — innovation designers who inspire, coach, and teach collaborative methods to enterprise teams around the world.

These workshops cover a range of topics, including visual thinking, design thinking, innovation, virtual facilitation, and more! Be sure to check out the schedule and reserve your spot before they fill up at

And we also have more small but mighty updates this month:

  • You can now @mention all members in a comment when your feedback or context is relevant for everyone in a mural. 
  • We've shipped a performance improvement that reduces the amount of memory being used from images that are not actively displayed. This will help provide a smoother MURAL experience for those of you that keep many murals open in different tabs and for image-heavy murals.
  • Learn new ideas for engaging presentations with MURAL from my team’s monthly, company-wide marketing update meetings.
  • Are you a student or do you work with any student interns? Share this new resource hub for template recommendations and information about the benefits of applying for a student workspace. 
  • And, finally, please consider leaving MURAL a review on G2 this month if you would recommend us for use cases like yours. We appreciate every review!
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*Currently in private beta. Subject to testing and defects. Provided warranty free, "as is" and "as available" basis. MURAL not liable for any losses that may result from private beta.

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About the authors

Morgan Kozol

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ MURAL with a passion for all things visual. A Seattle native, you can usually find her backpacking or searching for the perfect taco.

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