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New Feature: Rooms

Written by 
Agustin Soler
April 11, 2013

We are announcing a new feature called Rooms.

What is a Room?

A room is a group of murals. It’s a simple way to organize your murals based on the project you're working on or the team you're working with.

How does it work?

Click on the create room button:



Name your room and add a description. Invite people to the room, either by email, from your MURAL address book or Google contacts. They’ll be able to collaborate in every mural inside the room.


Each time a mural is created in this room, they’ll receive a notification. Members will always be up to date with what happens in the room.

You can always invite more people by clicking on the “Share” button.

In case you need to remove some members, click on Room settings and remove that member.


Once you create a room, you can create murals inside it by clicking on the create Mural button.


Hope you enjoy it.


About the author

About the authors

Agustin Soler

Head of Product
Head of Product at MURAL. A lifelong learner, passionate about strategy, productivity and simplicity.

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