May 29, 2013

MURAL in the Top 10

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This week Net Magazine featured a very interesting article called “The top 10 realtime web apps” and MURAL was included in this selective ranking. Yeah!

Author Phil Leggetter is a developer evangelist at Pusher, a realtime web software and technology evangelist and a "micropreneur".

He decided to make his selection thinking about realtime technology that makes web apps more functional, solves a previously impossible use case or simply because it's amazingly innovative.

Among the other projects mentioned, we really liked the Super Sync Sports game (you use your mobile phone as the controller while the game runs in your desktop browser) and the working environment created by Cloud 9 (an in-browser IDE that offers a nice developer experience and lets multiple developers code together in realtime).

You can read the whole article here. Thanks, Phil!

May Groppo
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