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Sparking Imagination at Microsoft Ignite 2021

Written by 
Richard Borenstein
February 24, 2021

This year at Microsoft Ignite we’re sharing with enterprise innovators how visual collaboration has emerged as a new way of working among distributed teams. Enterprise teams use MURAL to share, think, create, and solve the hardest problems together — even when they aren’t in the same room. 

With MURAL, teams gather and activate the brightest ideas to drive change and innovate. There's a way to infuse every single company meeting and project with fun, creativity, and productive collaboration. By integrating visual collaboration in MURAL deeply with Microsoft Teams, your teams’ workflows and collaboration playbooks are easier than ever before. 

I joined MURAL last October to be part of a team that’s transforming collaboration to match today’s distributed, hybrid, and asynchronous realities. And now that I’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn from many of our impressive enterprise customers — including changemakers at some of the largest global companies like SAP — I’m even more excited. High-performing teams are creating incredible value and innovating faster using MURAL as the missing link in their communication and collaboration toolkits.

But a link only works when it’s connected to the rest of the chain. The reality is that no one wakes up excited to log into an app (much less swivel between ten different apps!). My mission here at MURAL is to ensure we’re seamlessly integrated with the large ecosystems where imagination workers get things done. MURAL’s Microsoft Teams app has become one of our fastest-adopted integrations, and we’re investing in a long-term, strategic partnership with Microsoft to bring even more value to our shared customers. 

Take your next meeting to MURAL

▶️ Exclusive MS Ignite session: Watch our MS Ignite session: Now You Can Make MS Teams Meetings Fun & Productive — With MURAL, featuring MURAL’s remote collaboration experts Hailey Temple and Laïla von Alvensleben share how to turn your next meeting into a high-energy space for innovation.

It is a massive struggle for enterprise teams to recreate the human element of in-person collaboration. Often, the hardest work requires a changemaker, a facilitator, to lead the team in a new way of working together — to brainstorm, ideate, plan, and align on the work to be done. If you are looking for a way to get back to feeling that elbow-to-elbow style of teamwork in a fun and engaging way, be sure to watch MURAL’s Ignite session — it’s about turning “Let’s meet” into “Let’s collaborate.” You’ll see why visual collaboration is the key to getting away from mundane meetings and how MURAL is truly evolving how teams work and think, helping build stronger connections as individuals, teams, and organizations. 

We also created a new template with tips for MS Teams users looking to level-up their next call with a warmup and visual collaboration.

Still need another reason to stop by our virtual booth? I guarantee we’re the only Ignite partners offering a way to bring Nic Cage to your next meeting! (Find him in our session — just watch out for the bees! 🐝)

Which Nic Cage are you? Today I'm feeling....
Check in with your team with a little help from Nic Cage.

Finally, next week we’ll share how you can participate in a uniquely MURAL experience at Microsoft Ignite — you’ll have a chance to win a session with a MURAL expert. 

There are no fees to register for Microsoft Ignite, but registration is needed to access the full learning experience. Follow @MURAL on Twitter for exclusive Ignite content and giveaways from March 2 – 4.

About the author

About the authors

Richard Borenstein

Head of Strategic Partnerships @ MURAL | On a mission to seamlessly integrate MURAL with the large ecosystems where imagination workers get things done.