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See What’s New with MURAL: Jira Cloud, Voting Enhancements, and More

Written by 
Thomas Shields
June 23, 2021

Make Agile ceremonies more engaging and productive with MURAL and Jira Cloud together

It’s easy to transform the output of product planning and strategy work with MURAL into epics, stories, and tasks in Jira without transcribing a single sticky note. Use one of our new Agile templates to explore solutions, understand dependencies, and prioritize work visually — and then get to work even quicker. Everything from backlog refinement to sprint planning will be more productive and even fun when you connect MURAL and Jira Cloud.

👉 Upgrade your skills with remote PI planning with Booz | Allen | Hamilton

An enhanced dashboard to help you find content quickly

We’ve redesigned the dashboard (aka the MURAL app home screen) to make it quick and easy to find your murals. The updated UI displays rows of helpful views: recently opened, favorites, and recently modified. Plus, you’ll now see the “Create Mural” button in a more prominent sidebar location.

Work better together with the MURAL Community 

Connect with your peers, spark discussions, and discover game-changing ideas in a space built for imagination and collaboration. Leave the MURAL team a feature request, ask for template recommendations, or share tips for facilitating an online workshop. 

💡I don’t think laser pointer got enough love in this Community poll, so try it out by holding down the H key when facilitating your next session.

User interface design improvements (aka a new look!)

The look and feel of the MURAL platform has been modernized to help us become more inclusive and accessible. We made the UI brighter with a lighter color theme, as well as enhanced readability and usability through increased contrast and whitespace and improved text styling. The updates also help build a foundation for further accessibility enhancements. 

🧠 Share your thoughts or ask a question in this Community discussion.

Improved “find” functionality

You can now see how many sticky notes of a certain background color are available in a mural. This complements the ability to filter by background color, allowing you to see which sticky note colors are used from most to least. Access this filter by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the upper right toolbar in a mural, or using the keyboard shortcut of ‘ctrl + F’. 

🔎 Tip from MURALista Joeana: Assign each collaborator in a design critique their own color sticky note, then use filtering by color to review each person’s feedback in full. 

And small but mighty updates:

  • 🔸 Vote enhancements: Vote on shapes, icons, sticky notes, text boxes, images, and areas.
  • 🏷  Full room names on hover: We’ve made an improvement that enables you to see the full name of a room in the sidebar on hover.
  • 😁️  Export emoji, kanji, and other characters: Now you can export emojis, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and Russian characters that are on sticky notes.
  • ⏰  Listen to some different timer sounds: Facilitators can select from three unique timer sounds to make meetings more fun and interesting.
  • 📚 Meet MURAL Learning (beta): A new way to uplevel your visual collaboration and facilitation skills with educational content and inspiration.

As always, you can find a complete rundown of new releases, bug fixes, and product updates in our changelog.

About the author

About the authors

Thomas Shields

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ MURAL. Aspiring imagination worker. Purveyor of dad jokes. Lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat.