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How to Build Your Own Virtual Design Sprint: Webinar Recap

Written by 
Emilia Åström
October 3, 2019

For highly complex engagements, MURAL templates often need to be customized. While MURAL’s canvas & toolset can accommodate nearly everything you throw at it, scaling up for remote teams and virtual environments can be a challenge. How do you design for a wide array of diverse audiences, yet keep a common theme to unify the look and feel across multiple examples?

GVDS webinar header

In this webinar, Sandy Lam and Robert Skrobe from the Global Virtual Design Sprint walked us through their work on the templates the teams will use during the November sprint. The Global Virtual Design Sprint is a world-wide event for exploring ideas in a virtual environment, using the design sprint framework.
An entire month of virtual sprints.

With the third event coming up in November, Sandy and Robert joined forces for this webinar to show how you can create your own customized, virtual design sprint in MURAL. They shared their best tips when designing for a wide array of diverse audiences, but wanting to keep a common theme to unify the look and feel across multiple examples. To achieve this, Sandy walked us through applying Brad Frost’s atomic design principles, using fundamental building blocks to build your own customized templates.

design sprint webinar atomic design

Robert talked us through what it's like to set up a virtual design sprint in general, and where building the custom templates fit in. He urged participants to "start with humans" - get to know one another before the sprint starts, and center around the 'why' of your sprint. Then, you can move into problem framing, building your frameworks, and scheduling major events that'll happen during the sprint in advance.


We set aside lots of time and space in the canvas for questions and answers, and captured them in real time as Robert and Sandy answered them. Explore what people wanted more information about here.

🖼 Explore Robert + Sandy's presentation canvas:

skrobe mural webinar

📹 Access webinar recording here:

⭐️ Get more info about the next Global Virtual Design Sprint here:

GVDS 3.0

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About the author

About the authors

Emilia Åström

Emilia Åström is a facilitator and coach of creative and collaborative processes that support digital transformation.