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Thomas Shields
October 14, 2021
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As work becomes more decentralized — especially remote, distributed, or hybrid work environments — knowledge sharing becomes critical in allowing teams to coordinate their efforts toward a common goal. 

MURAL helps teams to collaboratively solve hard problems, make decisions faster, unearth innovative ideas, and visualize their thinking. These decisions, solutions, and visualizations can’t simply stay in MURAL. They need to reach more teams to help drive work forward, but without a way to bridge these workflows, a lot can get lost in translation. 

Now, we’re making it easy to bring MURAL into the Atlassian suite of software, allowing you to collaborate asynchronously or in real-time to amplify teamwork and increase productivity. 

Introducing Smart Links for MURAL to embed visual collaboration into Confluence, Jira, and Trello

Today, I’m excited to announce that MURAL now supports Smart Links from Atlassian. Smart Links for MURAL allows you to easily add a view-only mural to Confluence knowledge base pages, Jira Cloud work issues, and Trello cards so the team can stay aligned and keep work moving forward without having to jump between applications.  

Now you can easily embed a visual canvas with project plans, product roadmaps, brainstorming and meeting notes, diagrams, sketches, and more in Confluence, Jira Cloud, or Trello so that collaborators can better understand the next step of a project. Move between work, documentation, and visual collaboration quickly by jumping into the relevant mural to move planning, prototyping, and designing forward.   

Combining the outputs of visual collaboration in MURAL with documentation in Confluence or work management in Jira Cloud is perfect for working asynchronously. It saves time and keeps the team aligned without the need for additional or unnecessary meetings. Visual thinking helps boost attention span, information retention, comprehension, and helps people communicate ideas more clearly. 

How it works 

Simply copy the mural URL from your browser, or any shareable member, guest, or embed link, and paste it into Confluence pages, Jira issues, or Trello cards. Once the link has been added, you can choose to have it shown inline as the mural title, as a card view with a thumbnail preview, or as a view-only embed. To learn more about how Smart Links work, please go to our support document

It makes adding a view-only version of a mural to Confluence pages or Jira issue quick and easy.

Getting Started With Templates

It’s easy to get started with the MURAL templates to guide work from start to finish by embedding them where you’re already working. 

Team processes and strategic planning

Create a visualization of the team or department structure, show any information about the team’s mission, values, work structures, or strategic plans:

Agile teams

Add PI planning murals, retro murals, sprint planning murals, or any mural from an Agile ceremony to a Confluence page. Now, it’s easy to find and reference, and the team can jump back into visual collaboration asynchronously. You can also add diagrams, prototypes and mock-ups, and other key assets needed by development to Confluence or Jira Cloud with just a click:

Product, design, engineering

Add murals for user story mapping, technical diagrams and brainstorms, roadmaps, user interviews, and more to Confluence and Jira Cloud so that it’s easy to reference this documentation during the entire product development cycle:

IT teams

Embed visualization of architecture, processes, and more into Jira Cloud issues and Confluence pages. 

With Smart Links for MURAL, keep everyone (and everything!) on the same page. For more information, see our support doc.

About the authors

About the authors

Thomas Shields

Thomas Shields

Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ MURAL. Aspiring imagination worker. Purveyor of dad jokes. Lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat.

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