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Quarterly business review template

Reach your vision and achieve your goals every quarter

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This Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is an excellent resource for documenting the way our offering can help you achieve your goals—and eventually reach your vision. Use this template first to document a set of goals related directly to the ways your organization uses our offering. Then return to it on a quarterly basis to assess our progress toward our goals and to make a plan for the next quarter.

About the quarterly business review template

What is a quarterly business review?

A quarterly business review (QBR) presents your stakeholders with progress toward their business goals and shows what factors have contributed to the success or failure of those objectives. 

QBRs also make sure that customers are satisfied and engaged with their business plans. The review goes over the highlights and important updates from the last 90 days and outlines the goals, plans, and strategies the company will follow for the next 90 days.

Benefits of a quarterly business review

A QBR is a great resource for routine project checkups. It makes sure the company is moving in the right direction. A QBR is also a good time to organize goals by priority to ensure that budgets are followed and desired outcomes are being reached.

How to create a quarterly business review

Using the template, follow these steps to guide your quarterly business review

1. Define your primary business aims

Start by defining the value your business offers and outcomes you want to achieve. In other words, “what is the overarching impact your product or offering has on the organization?”

In this step, you want to keep your business value in mind, so all goals that are defined later are aligned with the business value proposition.

2. Evaluate your current quarter goals

Next, evaluate your current goals. You will use them to decide which goals to move forward in the next quarter and which goals need to be readjusted and redefined. 

List your current quarter business goals. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which goals were achieved? Or how much of the goal was achieved?
  • Which goals weren’t achieved? Why were they not achieved?
  • What was the impact on the business? In other words, how much did your company change your customer's ROI?
  • What goals will continue? Which ones will stop? Which ones will change? Which ones will start?

For example, you could stop “requiring a payment method at sign-ups” or change the “sign-up process” as a goal.

3. Plan upcoming goals

Last, based on the performance of the existing goals, how will these goals improve or evolve? Do some of the goals need refinement to better match the customer’s needs?

For each new goal, keep in mind the following:

  • Identify goal obstacles. You want to be able to plan ahead and avoid future roadblocks. 
  • What resources do you need to achieve the goal? Outline the resources to ensure the goal will be met.
  • How will you measure success? How will you measure the progress of a goal? And who will be responsible for tracking the progress?
  • What actions does the goal require? What procedures and plans must be put in place in order to achieve the goal?
  • What milestones can be defined to ensure steady progress? Can the goal be broken down into smaller tasks to measure progress?

Get started quickly with templates

Blank template

Start from an untouched template

Get started from the blank quarterly business review template

Example template

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Get started from an example quarterly business review template

Features of the quarterly business review template

The quarterly business review template offers dynamic features to make your QBR customizable and tailored to your business needs. 

Creating a QBR is easy with drag-and-drop features such as icons, images, sticky notes, and graphics. Use the QBR template to enhance the quarter planning process and provide a smooth team collaboration process. 

Personalize with icons

Personalize and categorize your goals into “Stop,” “Switch,” “Continue,” or “Change” with icons and colors. Customize each goal with your company's brand using color, graphs, and icons.

Work in real-time or asynchronously with your team

Work with your team however you need with MURAL’s comments and chat features. Leave comments on any board feature to inform teammates about pending information or questions. Or open a chat and discuss how to improve goals in real-time.

Drag and drop sticky notes

Quickly define and move goals around with sticky notes. Make your plans and outline dynamic and engaging with a template that offers a strong foundation for your business goals to develop.

How to create a Quarterly business review template

Quarterly business review template frequently asked questions


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