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Strategy Explorer Canvas

Strategy Explorer Canvas

Strategy Explorer Canvas Template

Strategy Explorer Canvas

Develop strategies for any business on a single page.

Do you need to develop a strategy for a business, an organization, a product, or even for yourself as a freelancer or for your next career move? Try out the Strategy Explorer!

The Strategy Explorer is a canvas-based method for strategy development. It allows you to create strategies for a wide range of subjects on a single page. At the end of the process, you will be able to formulate the most promising way forward in a concise and focused way, thus giving orientation to yourself and all stakeholders.

The Strategy Explorer provides a framework that helps you answer the important questions that come up in strategy development and provides a straightforward structure for your workshop. In the process, you create a complete strategic picture with transparent and visible logical chains from observations to conclusions. A prototype version of your strategy can be generated in just a few hours, depending on the number of participants and the amount of discussion required.

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Template by Dr. Stefan Pastuszka

Stefan is an expert for strategy development and innovation. He helps organizations to tackle their challenges with clarity and structure to enable better decision making.