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Big room OKR planning template

Set cross-functional team goals in your next big room OKR planning session

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OKRs (objectives and key results) provide a framework for setting goals and measuring progress across teams, groups, and companies. You can think of the objectives as your target destination, while key results are your measurable milestones for getting there.

Use this template to bring agile methods and visual collaboration to OKR planning. Run your team’s next OKR planning sessions visually with MURAL, guiding them through a series of collaborative activities over the course of three to four hours.

Before planning starts, review your company’s OKR structure with the team so everyone is on the same page. At Spotify, OKRs start at the very top with the company vision. With the vision in mind, Spotify defines key focus areas that guide the leadership team in setting the company’s yearly objectives. These annual objectives give team leads a North Star for defining their own team’s quarterly objectives.

Facilitate an interactive icebreaker at the top of your planning session to spur creativity and imagination while introducing new collaborators to MURAL. For example, ask everyone to place a photo of the first album they owned in a designated area of the mural.

After the warmup, it’s time to brainstorm and prioritize key results. First, everyone brainstorms key results individually, adding their ideas as sticky notes in the mural. Then, they break out into small groups to share their ideas and narrow their collective KRs down to just three to five. Then the groups reconvene and present their outputs to the larger team. Finally, as a big group, they prioritize and finalize their KRs for the quarter.

And that’s how a world-class team does OKR planning entirely online.

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