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Org chart template

Create a visual guide to structure your organization

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About the Org Chart Template

What is an org chart?

An org chart (short for organizational chart) is a visual diagram that shows the internal structure of a company, with roles, responsibilities, and relationships between individuals. Org charts are also commonly used to show users the level of accountability for each person in an organization.

Types of organizational charts

Hierarchical organization

A functional, top-down organizational chart, commonly used in a traditional business structure. Hierarchical org charts typically feature a central officer or leading body at the top of the chart, with direct reports branching underneath. These can be subdivided by department or product.

Flat organization

A flat org chart has no hierarchy and few or zero levels of management between executives and employees. This kind of chart is useful for larger projects where most teams have equal levels of responsibility, mostly in the development stage of a project. A flat org chart usually shows one manager, and several employees, with very little divisional reporting.

Matrix organization

A matrix organizational structure is for companies in which employees are divided into teams based on the product they’re working on, who also report to a functional manager. Matrix structures aim to improve communication between teams and prevent the need for frequent realignment.

How to create an org chart

1. Choose an organizational structure

Choose from one of the organizational structures or customize one of the charts in the template to suit your organization.

2. Define who is responsible for what duties

Add roles and job titles for each individual in the organization. Make sure to include every person, team, and department necessary, and determine their place according to the initial structure you chose.

3. Add relationships and how groups work together

Use lines to plot the flows of responsibility between each individual, team, and department.

How to create a Org chart template

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