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Slack Announces Next-gen Notifications With MURAL

Written by 
Adam Heerwagen
November 16, 2021

With organizations using a myriad of tools and platforms to collaborate — notifications and updates often get lost in the noise. Since it can be difficult (or at times, impossible) for individuals to quickly customize notifications to get the information they care about, team members often resort to an all-or-nothing configuration. 

Together with Slack, we’re working hard to fix that. Announced today at Slack Frontiers, we’re excited to introduce customizable real-time updates to the MURAL App for Slack as one of two first-to-market partners for Subscribe in Slack, available in 2022. These new notification subscriptions will empower your team to stay connected and informed while working in specific Slack channels. 

From Slack’s announcement:

Let’s face it, setting up notifications can be tedious for users. Once an app is installed, they need to figure out how to configure notifications deep in their preferences. Our next generation of Slack notifications, Subscribe in Slack, allows users to opt in to third-party tools and configure notifications by simply clicking a button in the platform. Once set, notifications occur in channels without having to install an app or invite it into the channel.

A better way to stay informed 

To better understand this new functionality, let’s dig into how Rita streamlines work through Subscribe in Slack. Rita’s leading an Objectives & Key Results (OKR) planning process with her team. She relies on Slack to communicate with team members on project specifics and uses MURAL to visually map and collaborate on the plan. 

After a team kick-off call, Rita posts the OKR planning mural in the team’s Slack channel. She then subscribes to receive real-time updates within the channel that notify the team whenever there’s a new comment within the mural. Staying up to date and informed via the MURAL App for Slack allows the entire team to align on their plan and execute faster. 

Looking forward

As an organization that relies heavily on Slack, we’re anxiously awaiting Subscribe in Slack. But don’t expect that to be it. There’s more in store for MURAL and Slack, as our co-founder and CEO Mariano Suarez-Battan alluded to in a recent VentureBeat article and discussion on the future of work with head Jason Spinelli, head of Slack Fund. “Right now, our integration with Slack only scratches the surface of what we feel we can do,” said Mariano Suarez-Battan. “We want to streamline people’s day from meeting to meeting, automate workflows, and create moments for people to do deep and meaningful work in MURAL. Getting that cadence and choreography right is something that will benefit a lot of our users, and we’re looking forward to delivering that.”

👉  Try out MURAL for Slack today. 

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About the authors

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