June 6, 2014

IDEO's All-Digital Partner Meeting, Powered by MURAL

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Big day last week. We were challenged to get a version of MURAL ready to help IDEO’s leadership go all digital (ie: Post it-less) in a brainstorming and planning session.

On day one, our team hustled to get the first version of our iPad app ready (codename “Sketch”) and installed in 55 devices, and connected two of them to AppleTVs. We enabled all partners to take notes to document their ideas, and participate in a voting session at the end to rank the topics they needed to work on this coming year.

To kick off day two, I was given 10 minutes to introduce MURAL. I had only found out the night before that I would be presenting in the morning, so I quickly used MURAL to draft up a storyboard to use for my presentation.

Here, I focused on the “Why.”

MURAL has joined IDEO, d.School and many others in the movement to help people find innovative solutions and unleash the creativity inside each of us.

We are here to ensure that everybody can collaborate with others, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Bringing technology to empower people’s imagination is important to us at MURAL. We are determined to enable the visualization and sharing of ideas so that they can “get together” and make even better ones.

We’ve been working hard these last six months to come up with a new MURAL version that is coming soon. We look forward to sharing it with you all.

Mariano Suarez-Battan

Co-founder & CEO at MURAL. Putting imagination to work. Endeavor Entrepreneur from Argentina. Working remotely from the Bay Area. Past life in video games, now bringing fun to enterprise SaaS.

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