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Sketchfab + MURAL = 3D Models Anywhere

Written by 
May Groppo
July 15, 2013

Our friends from Sketchfab sent us two murals with some of their 3D models inside them.

Click on the image below to check their Sketchfab Museum for art lovers and 3D addicts mural, anytime you want to see a 3d model, just click on that model's image:


Sketchfab allows you to upload and visualize 3D models through a web browser with no additional plugin.

Combining Sketchfab with MURAL makes it easy to go through art assets and renders using rich content. You can showcase your 3D models and get instant feedback from your team within a mural.

We both provide tools for visual people. We empower teams by letting them share their ideas online following simple steps. We are creating environments for rich and visual ideation online: join us!

The steps to include 3D models inside a mural are simple: drag and drop (or copy and paste) an URL from Sketchfab into one of your Murals.

The thumbnail is now part of your mural, double click and enjoy the 3D virtual modeling.


PS: Here is another Mural with a summary of the top 3 winners of the Sketchfast contests to date, click to open it:

sketchfab contest

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