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Your Guide to MURAL Imagine

Written by 
Nicole Smith
November 9, 2020

Get the most out of season two of MURAL Imagine

We’re bringing you a new season of MURAL Imagine to shine a spotlight on companies that have embraced change in 2020, making space for imagination and innovation even while remote. Starting on November 10, join changemakers from companies like ThoughtWorks, Spotify, Atlassian, Zapier, and Emerson to discover:

  • How innovative teams are transforming the way they work to pave the way for lasting resiliency
  • How to make space for imagination and inspire innovation
  • Frameworks and resources to make remote collaboration not just effective, but fun

Join us for six transformative live sessions
to gain insights and tangible takeaways from powerhouse imagination workers who are embracing the future of team collaboration right now.

November 10 ✨

When 2020 made "in-person" impossible, James Pickett, Principal, Advisory Services, got to work securing a means to facilitate critical executive leadership meetings remotely. In this session, you’ll hear how ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy, reengineered critical executive planning meetings using MURAL and Zoom to help the team execute their mission virtually.

Meet The Host

James Pickett provides advisory services for organizations’ business transformation initiatives. With over 20 years of technology and consulting experience, he works to engage business leaders and key stakeholders to facilitate organizational readiness and user adoption for technology-enabled business transformation.

💡 Want to learn about another way ThoughtWorks uses MURAL? Read this blog post about how their product design team uses MURAL for remote collaboration.

November 17 ✨

With 2021 only weeks away, Spotify teams are looking ahead and planning for the future. In this session Emem Adjah, the global head of monetization at Spotify, will share how the Spotify team adapted from in-person to remote collaboration, and how they bring imagination into the planning process to set the right goals—both for themselves and for the team.

Meet The Host

Emem Adjah is an advisor, soon-to-be author, and techy who aspires to change the world, while traveling it. Currently, Emem leads yield monetization strategy globally at Spotify, and she is responsible for driving revenue of emerging sales channels through optimization strategies and ad product development. Prior to Spotify, Emem acquired experience in tech working at Snapchat, Twitter, and Bloomberg.

💡 Check out the Thoughtful Execution Tree template developed by Spotify Design.

November 24 ✨

In March, when Eugene Chung joined Atlassian, a global software company, he wasn’t sure how the growing pandemic would affect his new role as R&D team coach. But he was committed to adding a meaningful new resource to the Atlassian Team Playbook – the Work Life Impact Play – to help teams adapt to remote work and build empathy. In this session, you’ll hear how Eugene navigated change and used visual collaboration to rapidly co-design, prototype, test, and launch the new play.

Meet The Host

Eugene Chung is a research and design team coach at Atlassian. He aims to improve R&D for product and platform teams. He has a purpose mindset and is driven to build high-achieving teams that embrace people’s differences.

💡 Eugene’s team isn’t the only group at Atlassian using MURAL. Dive into this case study to hear how Trello’s product design team uses MURAL for remote collaboration as well. 

December 1 ✨

Product teams today are awash in user data, and finding meaning amidst a vast array of information can be challenging. In this session, Richard Enlow, senior product designer at Zapier, will share how his team at Zapier has adopted repeatable visual collaboration methods to evaluate research and synthesize insights to drive decisions.

Meet The Host

Richard Enlow is a senior product manager at Zapier. He is responsible for implementing experiences that align Zapier’s product to user value. He is passionate about designing desirable, useful, and delightful digital products for users.

💡 Did you know we recently announced an integration with Zapier that allows you to connect over 2,000 applications to MURAL? Learn more.

December 8 ✨

Creative collaboration is built into the culture at Emerson, a global technology and engineering company. Emerson’s Human Centered Design Institute works across business units to empower teams to adopt human centered design and improve productivity and collaboration in their day-to-day work. In this session, you’ll hear how Emerson’s Christina Koffskey and Mary Grace Francisco use visual collaboration and human centered design to enrich customer feedback and validation.

Meet The Hosts

Christina Koffskey is a human centered design engineer whose goal is to ensure that user work practices and improved usability are at the core of Emerson products. She supports project teams across Automation Solutions to integrate HCD into their work practices, including product development.

As a user experience design lead, Mary Grace Francisco leads multi-disciplinary design teams that develop product concepts, drive discussions and activities, and build alignment across Emerson. She is driven to create intuitive user experiences oriented by empathy for their users.

💡 Check out Emerson’s Scaling Visual Collaboration case study.

December 15 ✨

MURAL's head of product and cofounder, Agustin Soler, is continually imagining new ways to deliver visual collaboration at scale. In this session, you’ll hear how he shapes MURAL’s strategy for building features that enable visual thinking, streamline teamwork, and drive impact at scale.

Meet The Host

Agustin Soler is a co-founder and the head of product at MURAL. He has led the development of the platform since day one and launched the web, iOS, and Windows apps. He is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About the author

About the authors

Nicole Smith

Team Lead — Customer Marketing
Team Lead — Customer Marketing @ MURAL. Previously @ Salesforce. Passionate about integrated programs, customer lifecycle, advocacy marketing, community building, and rescue dogs.