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MURAL Sketch for iPad

Written by 
Agustin Soler
January 22, 2015

Hi! We are officially announcing MURAL Sketch, an iPad companion app that allows you to run effective brainstorming sessions with your team and to capture ideas in a visual way.

One of our main goals at MURAL is to provide our customers with tools that allow them to be visual and creative anywhere they are. We believe this app responds to that call. MURAL Sketch is great for visual people who love sketching their ideas on paper and sticky notes.

MURAL Sketch is a natural fit for any touch device, once you use it on an iPad, you'll see what we mean.

We deliberately spent a lot of time making MURAL Sketch work as smooth as possible. Panning and zooming around a mural is fast and natural.

Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!

This app works great for people who like to draw!

Double tap anywhere in a mural to add a sticky note, then simply draw on it. That's it, once you're done, tap on the done button.

Scan your paper sticky notes!

With MURAL Sketch you can scan real sticky notes from your walls or foam board and send them to a mural while keeping the original layout  Forget about losing ideas on your foam boards or having to transcribe them to a boring document!

Tap and hold on a mural to open the context menu, then tap the Scan button (the last one).

In case a sticky note isn't detected, just double tap on it to make a manual correction.

How to get started?

First, make sure you download the app on your iPad: Get it here.

Second, you'll need to sign in with your MURAL email and password or Google+ account.

Third, you can either create a new mural or join an existing mural using a QR code

Look for the QR code inside the invite people screen, under advanced options.

Once you scan the QR code, you'll join the mural.

Hope you enjoy MURAL Sketch

About the author

About the authors

Agustin Soler

Head of Product
Head of Product at MURAL. A lifelong learner, passionate about strategy, productivity and simplicity.

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