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Use Design Thinking in Everyday Work: Webinar Recap

Written by 
David Chin
February 20, 2018

People around the globe have recognized the value of design thinking, yet many are struggling to successfully integrate it into their daily work and work culture.


We recently welcomed Chris Pacione, LUMA CEO & Founder, to host a webinar to share a design thinking method that you can learn quickly and use immediately.

In this webinar, Chris gives a step-by-step recipe for how remote teams can visualize a customer's experience with the products or services their organization offers - to better understand:

  • What is working well in your current process
  • Where there is room for improvement
  • Where the most promising opportunities for change lie

"This recipe leverages an already powerful method, Experience Mapping, in a way that you can't leverage if your team were working in person on physical whiteboards."
Chris Pacione, LUMA Institute


The template for this recipe, Pinpoint impactful opportunities within a customer journey, is ready to be duplicated and used in your own projects so you can start taking action right away.

luma to mural
Start the recipe template in MURAL directly from your LUMA workplace.


If you missed the webinar, you can follow along with the video recording for the full the step-by-step instructions:

And to dig deeper, go to and explore their methods and then start the activities in MURAL right from there.

Stay tuned for the next episode, as we continue to partner with LUMA Institute to share the most relevant design thinking recipes for today's remote teams.

What's next? ROI of Remote Design Thinking

We asked Forrester to analyze the impact we generated inside IBM by allowing them to work remotely in Design Thinking. We'll be sharing the results, and some updates from IBM Design in a live webinar March 14th.

About the author

About the authors

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