Collaborative diagramming and mapping made easy

Anyone can visualize diagrams, flows, maps, processes, and more in MURAL to generate great ideas, structure complex processes, and optimize user experiences. Work at the speed of thought alongside teammates, clients, or customers.

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Pre-built templates to help you bring ideas to life together

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Diagramming and mapping for Product Teams

Agile coaches and scrum masters can map dependencies faster in PI planning sessions.
Generate new ideas independently or uncover new patterns as a team with mind mapping.
Build clear flowcharts when developing a new product experience.
Design insightful user story maps that build empathy and understanding.
Embed your mural as read-only documentation on a Confluence or Coda page.
A user story map

Diagramming and mapping for Consultants

Use Facilitation Superpowers™ to lead impactful business process mapping workshops and stakeholder interviews.
Quickly document hierarchies and org charts, and capture client notes and feedback in real time.
Lead structured mind mapping and brainstorming sessions that stay on track and help solve hard problems.
Build clear flowcharts that can serve as a single source of truth for upcoming projects.
A process flowchart

MURAL makes diagramming and mapping intuitive and collaborative

Whether you’re facilitating a client session or need to untangle your own ideas before sharing them, no other solution makes it as easy to collaborate on diagrams, charts, and maps.

Diagramming for everyone

Create professional, polished diagrams with no learning curve using our intuitive and fast Connection Points mode.

Customizable shapes and connectors

It’s simple to filter and switch between multiple shape and connector options.

Read-only embed

Embed your workflow or process map for documentation within Confluence, Coda, or more as an iFrame.

Real-time collaboration

Integrate diagramming and mapping into your collaboration exercises without switching tabs.

Resizable canvas

Expand the canvas from any side to fit the size of your project.

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