Can hybrid work? — webinar recap

Written by 
Angel Custodio
July 30, 2021

No matter if you’re going back to the office full-time, part-time, or — sometime — hybrid work is coming. Are you ready?

Jim Kalbach, MURAL Chief Evangelist and Jeremy Varo-Haub, Lead Strategist and Senior Designer for Territory broke it all down for us in a webinar session discussing “Can Hybrid Work?”

Jim and Jeremy discussed the 5Ps of hybrid work:

  • People: How can all employees have equitable access to contribute ideas and unleash their imagination?
  • Place: How will we adjust to ensure that no matter where you work, you’re doing your best work together?
  • Policy: How will our policies change to ensure that what teams accomplish together matters more than where they are?
  • Process: What processes do we need in place to seamlessly share knowledge, ideas, and strategies in hybrid settings?
  • Product: What products, software, and hardware are needed to bridge the gap between office, home, and everywhere in between?

👋 If you haven't yet checked it out, grab our guide to hybrid work, What It Takes to Make Hybrid Work.

Watch the webinar replay:

Explore the presentation mural:

Can Hybrid Work presentation mural
Click on the image above to check out the mural.

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About the authors

About the authors

Angel Custodio

Angel Custodio

Senior Events Marketing Manager @ MURAL
Senior Events Marketing Manager @ MURAL‍

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