Does Your Team Have What It Takes to Make Hybrid Work?

Setting collaboration free and navigating the new world of hybrid work is harder than you think.

Stylized book cover which reads "What It Takes to Make Hybrid Work". Includes the Mural logo and various hand-drawn shapes such as squares, arrows, squiggles and sticky notes.

How do you set up people and places — as well as digital spaces — so that your teams can do their best work?

The team at MURAL has worked with hybrid and distributed teams since 2011. Along the way, much has been learned about what it takes for effective “Work-From-Anywhere” collaboration.

Use this guide to get your team — and your organization — ready for hybrid by:

  • Solving for collaboration, clarity, and inclusion & engagement
  • Navigating the "here vs. there" dilemma
  • Thinking through the 5Ps for making hybrid work

Welcome to the new world of hybrid work.

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