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Brand personality room template

Define what your brand should express through its visual identity

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The Brand Personality Room is an exercise imagined by CBA that encompasses two phases structured to help you better define your brand identity. It can be used on new or existing brands and will act as a useful guide for any creative partner when you decide to redesign the visual identity of your brand.

Is and Is Not help you define key words to direct the tone of voice and verbal language of the brand. Brand Room helps you define an initial direction for the visual expression of your brand by imagining three pieces of furniture.

BLANK TEMPLATE: Start from an untouched template

Get started with blank template of Brand Personality Room

EXAMPLE TEMPLATE: Start from a mural with sample content

Get started with blank template of Brand Personality RoomGet started with example template of Brand Personality Room

How to create a Brand personality room template

Brand personality room template frequently asked questions


Template by CBA


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