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Executives and Chiefs of Staff generate more solutions and reach faster alignment with MURAL's visual thinking canvas. Power best-in-class strategy sessions, efficient 1:1 meetings, and more with intuitive features and templates created by expert facilitators.

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Solve more hard problems in less time

Increased visibility

Visual collaboration breaks down silos by improving transparency, communication, and cross-functional teamwork — especially for distributed or async teams.

Faster alignment

Reach consensus faster with frameworks to organize ideas and features including voting, timer, Private Mode, and more.

Accelerated innovation

Unlock solutions to complex problems with the power of visual collaboration and MURAL's Facilitation Superpowers™ features.

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Partners in enterprise transformation

MURAL offers in-house and on-demand support for every step of your organization's visual collaboration transformation, including:

Full suite of on-demand learning resources

In-house customer success professionals

Customized onboarding and enterprise deployment solutions

Responsive support via chat, phone, and email

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In my role as Chief of Staff, I leverage MURAL to facilitate ideation and strategy sessions with our executive leadership team; it’s a key piece of technology for the virtual and hybrid work environments we will all use going forward.

Rob Dickins
VP and Chief of Staff to the CEO

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