July 23, 2021

Ask a Chief of Staff: Parachuting In & Delegating Out — Webinar Recap

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When most people hear “chief of staff,” they think of government officials. But the chief of staff role has quietly been gaining traction in the private sector too. From CEOs of global corporations to founders of growing startups, leaders look to chiefs of staff to help them orchestrate cross-functional projects, manage communication streams, and make effective decisions. 

Recently, Clara Ma, program director of On Deck’s Chief of Staff Fellowship, moderated a panel of fellowship alumni and chiefs of staff Ellise McDonald of Wise Systems, Kevin Dious of Reddit, and Matt Donne of Spring Discovery.  

Watch the webinar recap to learn how to: 

  • Gain context when you’re dropped into a project
  • Master the dos and don’ts of delegating and the art of following up
  • Build trust with your principal and key stakeholders
  • Utilize frameworks and tools to create alignment and execute projects
  • Define your CoS role  

Watch the webinar recap:


Just looking for the key takeaways? Check out our thread in the MURAL Community Forum for webinar highlights and the panelists’ answers to questions they didn’t get a chance to respond to live. 

Angel Custodio

Senior Events Marketing Manager @ MURAL

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