May 20, 2021

There’s No Going Back: Why Chris Herd Says HQs Are Finished — Webinar Recap

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As organizations make plans to go back to the office, many are wondering … Why? What does the future hold for the workplace?

In the final session of the Collaboration That Works series Jim Kalbach, MURAL chief evangelist, and Chris Herd, Firstbase founder and CEO, discussed predictions about hybrid and remote work, including:

  • Why HQs as we know them are finished
  • Why commute? The end of traveling 2 hrs/day to meet face-to-face
  • How skyrocketing productivity is driving remote burnout
  • What’s behind “remote fears?"
  • The hunt for missing “water cooler moments”

Watch the full replay:

Click below to dive into the presentation mural:

Hqs are finished webinar mural link

Not enough time for the entire recording? We get it — check out the highlights from the session.

Learn the story behind Firstbase

Chris Herd — Are Corporate Offices a Thing of the Past? 

Chris Herd — Talents & Costs

Chris Herd — Remote Burnout

Chris Herd — Async By Default

Chris Herd — Quality of Life

Chris Herd — Remote Fear

Session Q&A with Jim Kalbach & Chris Herd

Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is MURAL's Chief Evangelist. A noted author, speaker, and instructor in customer experience, experience design, digital transformation, and strategy, Jim’s book, The Jobs To Be Done Playbook, offers techniques organizations can follow to turn market insight into action.

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