May 10, 2019

How Design Sprints Can Be Reformatted For Any Workshop/Meeting: Webinar Recap

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After running hundreds of design sprints and training thousands of people across the world, AJ&Smart have a good handle on the most common challenges that people face when attempting to introduce a new process, both personally and within a company.

We recently welcomed Brittni Bowering (Head of Media, AJ&Smart) to share how you can take the design sprint process and easily reformat it in a way that helps you run the best meetings and workshops of your career, AND get buy-in from your team to adopt this way of working - by taking the core design sprint exercises and principles to get things done faster, better, & happier!

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Brittni also shared a quick overview of the Design Sprint 2.0, their relationship with Jake Knapp, and how to use her Ultimate Meeting Tool.

If you missed the webinar, we've got all of the resources below - including the presentation deck, the full video recording, and a remote LDJ template that you can use with your team today.



Watch the full video recording:

Follow along as Brittni shares design sprint facilitation insights and unpacks her top meeting exercises, then stick around for an extended Q&A where we address the most up-voted attendee questions.



Explore the webinar presentation deck:

MURAL Webinar: How Design Sprints Can Be Reformatted For Any Workshop/Meeting



⚡️ Run the LDJ activity remotely in MURAL:
Lightning Decision Jam Template

📕 Insights, tools, and case studies from digital-first expert facilitators:
The Definitive Guide To Facilitating Remote Workshops

🔮 Tips and insights into design sprint mastery from AJ&Smart's Dee Scarano:
Special Touches That Make Your Sprints Kickass: Webinar Recap

💡 Learn how PWC ran a fully remote design sprint:
Remote Design Sprints Can't Work, Cant They?

🌏 Run remote design sprints in MURAL:
Remote Design Sprint Templates

🎁 📈 Share all the design sprint goodness you just soaked up!

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