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Mariano Battan
August 17, 2021
mural brainstorming template

MURAL is now offered free for all to use. 

Now every team can experience MURAL for as long as they need to learn the product, try new methods, and have their first magical collaboration sessions in MURAL.

You can get your free forever MURAL workspace right now.

From knowledge worker to imagination worker

Eight years ago, I was demoing an early version of MURAL to an innovation team in a large healthcare company. After the demo I saw a woman staring with a hint of awe, so I asked what she thought about the solution. She replied, “We are always getting demos of grey software. This is so … colorful!”

This reflection was both literal and figurative. People need to be freed from a world of dull presentation slides and relentlessly boring meetings. They need more exciting and fun ways of working together. Teams need a better way to imagine.

black and white video call grid compared to vibrant visual teamwork with MURAL
In a call or in person, you see and hear your team. With MURAL, you see what they mean.

MURAL is in the business of embracing imagination, play, and peer-based collaboration in a stifling world of routines and hierarchies. For over ten years and with a wonderful group of tireless MURAListas, we have built a platform that tens of thousands of teams at iconic companies like SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, USAA, Procter & Gamble, and Thoughtworks rely on to imagine better. Guided by the heroic efforts of facilitators and team leaders, these teams have embraced a way to collaborate that is as productive as it is playful, a way that transforms teamwork. 

What does transformation look like? It looks like developing company strategy, product roadmaps, and OKRs, all by collaborating visually in a guided way. It’s brainstorming, synthesizing ideas, plus building alignment, teamwork and trust. MURAL offers the space, methods, and expert help to make teamwork come alive.

With MURAL Free, now all teams can experience this different way of working together.

From one team transforming teamwork with MURAL to your entire organization.
A magical experience with your team begins a journey — that transforms teamwork at your organization.

Experience the difference, and begin your journey

The new Free plan makes it easy to get team members started and has no time limitations. Experience the difference MURAL makes. See how your team becomes smarter and works faster. If it’s right for you, your team, your company, then our Team+, Business, and Enterprise plans, as well as our MURAL and partner experts, are here to support your journey and accelerate transformation. Your destination is a way of collaborating that captures your biggest ideas and puts imagination to work to solve even the hardest problems.

What are you waiting for? Create your free workspace right now. MURAL Free includes:

  • 3 active murals. Each visual thinking canvas can be designed to meet your needs. You get all MURAL templates, too.
  • Unlimited visitors. Invite the people you need in your mural with the click of a link. Simple.
  • All Facilitation Superpowers™️ features. Voting, timers, summon, celebrations, and more.
  • Need an expert to level up and go faster? We've got experts — Playmakers — ready to help you create templates, learn methods, or get help facilitating a meeting or workshop.

To jumpstart collaboration, run your next team meeting in MURAL. See what teamwork can look like when everyone is empowered to share their biggest ideas and solve problems together.

Your team’s journey begins here.

About the authors

About the authors

Mariano Battan

Mariano Battan

I co-founded Mural, where we are making creative teams become better design thinkers through our collaboration software. We started Mural because of a game we were designing. Ask me about that.

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