February 26, 2021

How MURAL Product Leaders Use Creativity and Collaboration when Planning with a Remote Team

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In product management, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by day-to-day deadlines and feel like there’s no time to be strategic and innovative. 

That’s why MURAL product leaders carve out time dedicated to creativity and collaboration during the strategic planning process. Giving teams space to share insights and ideas, build a roadmap together, and align on a common mission helps them build products their customers love. 

Watch the webinar recording below to learn how MURAL product leaders:

  • Bring user feedback, team insights, and industry research together in one shared space to help them shape their roadmap.

  • Transform those insights into a realistic quarterly plan with a democratized process that creates buy-in within the team and one source of truth they can refer back to anytime.

  • Create cross-functional team alignment that gets stakeholders excited about their mission.

  • Bring best-in-class asynchronous and remote team collaboration into every stage of planning with a platform like MURAL. 

Want to learn more about MURAL? See how product teams use our digital workspace to collaborate from roadmap to retro. 

Megan Landes

Neuroscience nerd, peanut butter aficionado. Never found without colored pencils.

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