6 templates for your remote work and hybrid toolbox

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Sean Lauer
June 1, 2021
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Whether you are back in the office, working remotely, or exploring the new hybrid work environment, digital collaboration is an easy way to improve your meetings and collaborate in real-time no matter where you and your team might be.

We invite you to explore the 200+ templates in the Mural template library, but the following templates in particular should help you better adapt to the current working environment.

1. Show and tell

Action: Icebreaker

Kick off your remote meeting in a fun, visual way. Break the ice and strengthen relationships by learning something new about one another. Learn more about our many warm-ups and energizers and how they can help you get creative communication flowing.

Meeting Opener mural template
Get started with the Mural show and tell template.

2. Operations dashboard

Action: Maintain progress

Use this dashboard to stay in constant communication about your team’s progress and address their daily needs.

Operations Dashboard mural template
Get started by clicking here or the image above.

3. Lightning decision jam

Action: Make decisions

Use this method anytime your team needs to make decisions, solve problems, or discuss challenges – and find direction fast.

Lightning Decision Jam mural template
Get started by clicking here or the image above.

4. Objectives and key results (OKRs)

Action: Planning

Use this template to define your goals for a future project, establish clear OKRs, and determine what results are expected from the finished product.

Objectives & Key Results mural template
Get started by clicking here or the image above.

5. Brainstorm, group, and prioritize

Action: Ideation

Use this template in your brainstorming sessions so your team can unleash its imagination and start shaping concepts, even when you're not sitting in the same room.

Brainstorm, Group, Prioritize mural template
Get started by clicking here or the image above.

6. Retrospective

Action: Evaluating

Collaborate in real time or asynchronously to reflect on what happened in the most recent work session or project and identify actions for improvement going forward.

Retrospective mural template
Get started by clicking here or the image above.

Ready to get serious about effective, creative collaboration? Get started with Mural for free today!

About the authors

About the authors

Sean Lauer

Sean Lauer

Head of Product Marketing
Head of Product Marketing @ MURAL. Previously @ Twitter. A true left-brain, right-brain thinker with diverse marketing experience that he uses to drive MURAL product adoption. Lives in California with his wife, two cats, and a dog.

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