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Stakeholder map template

Diagram the network of people who have a stake in a given system

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About this Stakeholder Map template

Use this template to gain a better understanding of each stakeholder’s role in a given system, and get alignment on areas of expertise, responsibilities, and influence.

Benefits of running a Stakeholder Map session

By mapping out how each stakeholder relates to a given system, you can improve collaboration through delineating clear roles and spheres of influence, as well as subject matter expertise. Through this exercise, you can also discover areas of overlap or disconnects that can be addressed as needed.

How to run a Stakeholder Map session

To run a successful session, you should:

  • Identify and outline a subject of focus
  • Bring together a diverse group of collaborators
  • Brainstorm a general list of stakeholders tied to your focus area with sticky notes
  • Arrange your stakeholders in the template according to their roles, responsibilities, or influence
  • Connect stakeholders where there is a working relationship or cross-functional opportunities

How to create a Stakeholder map template

Stakeholder map template frequently asked questions

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